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  1. i live ten minutes away from ladu and i know that the cyohaga is somewhere near buy and i was wondering where to park.i haveknow idea where to park. also do u recomend fishing from a boat.i am going to go tomarrow but i wont bring a boat. but can anyone give me some pointers on the river. odds r i am going to use artifitial lures.i am typing in the dark so sorry about the spelling errors.
    thanks :D
  2. I've fished for pike in the Cuyahoga at Eldon Russel Park. That's a little NE of Ladue on Rapids Rd.. I've not had much luck with the pike in that area the few times I've been there even though the river looks good. I've done better with pike around Kent and on down river.


  3. spinnerbates.............the lakes that hold pike areon fire right now...
  4. Take a drive on Rapids road and you'll see pull off areas then its a hike to the river... I caught more pike from a canoe then from walking... Use to fish down by the canoe livery on rapids road years ago... I won't give any secrets away though LOL
  5. BTW I have caught some HUGE crappie there too using shinners/gold fish fishing for pike...
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    i haved launched my 16 ft boat at eldon russel pk on rapids rd. the pike are there alot of people fish right at the pk for pike.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    i love the river.....cant wait to fish her for the first time this season tomorrow....

    I begin the quest of 100 pike this year.

  8. WOW ... I have not 100 in my life... 50-60 maybe but not 100
    I am sure you will keep us posted Ben...
    What do you think will catch the most for you?
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    I've spent the time on the River and this is just an opinion from what little I know and have seen:

    I started fishing for Pike because it is easier to get nice fish then fishing for Bass. I USED 5-8 inch live Common Shiners 80% of the time and found them to be the best for me in cold water. Early Nov. till when ever they slow down is when the females are getting fat for the spring spawn and they are pigs then. 93% of the Pike are over 27 inches at that time of year and most all are females. I only fish them in the fall due to it being the easy time to get them for me. Yes NOW they should be bitting well again but you have to put up with muddy high water and that hampers me getting Pike.

    Opinion: If you get a 30 incher at this time of year and release the fish thinking it will be there to spawn again. I would guess that over 90% or higher die to ther water temps in the summer here in northern Ohio. Out of the 319 Pike I've caught the biggest was 36.5 inches. There was one I wish I could have landed BUT,LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Out of the hundreds I've seen fishing for Pike there was only one that I"VE SEEN out fished me. He was using a suspending, about 7 inch slender, silver minnow looking lure with rattles in it. My hats off to this guy for he knows he's stuff.

    Now I'm on to bigger and better things or as they say "Bigger Fish to Fry", FLATHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do release all the nice Flatheads and did keep about 20% of the nice Pike.

  10. wint to russel today and nothing.glad i only bought a half a dozen