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  1. So I had a nice little trip down to the cuyahoga a couple days ago. I hooked into 5 smaller bass within the first 45 minutes I was there and then the rain came down, pretty hard at that. I was just about to head home when the rain stopped so I figured I'd fish for a little while before the river started getting murky. Within the next hour I hooked a 14" 1.5 lb, 16" 2 lb, and a 17+" 2.5 lb smallmouth from the same spot(a spot I usually catch nothing). I usually release everything I catch but the 2 bigger ones got pretty tore up so I ended up taking them home. On another note, thats pretty messed up that me and my buddy were fishing last week right over by where they found that lady's body, creepy ****!

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  2. what is more creepy,is that you took fish from the hoga home.Having grown up in kent,I have watched the hoga become alot more clean than it was in twenty years ago.You caught some nice smallies.Good job.....