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    I went to the hoga yesterday, noticed a parking lot cordoned off by police just downstream of where I was going. As I waded toward that spot, smelled the awful smell of death. Didn't see anything, though. Then a zodiac came downriver with what looked like 2 detectives and a guy in a diving suit. I knew something bad was going on. I just looked online and saw this

    I was there a 6. They must have just pulled him out. If I had gotten on the river when I had planned to, I would have found the guy, but my wife made me late. I'm glad she did. I'm always worried I'm going to come across something. My cousin came found 2 bodies in seperate incedences last year.

    Condolences to the family.
  2. Man, I was fishing DOWNSTREAM of that yesterday, near the dam, but still, that is scary. And a few days before that, I was fishing from the cemetery north... Scary scary scary....

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    wow that is pretty crazy i fish that area and that would really freak me out... I will probably be fishing there more now that school is starting up and i lost a every bit 15lb plus pike in the river about a week ago(biggest I have ever seen)...She broke off my 20 lb test fire line like i was using a snoopy pole...I usually only use low profile 6 inch leaders but i think this fish engulfed my spinner and leader and cut the line rolling...Not sure though i tried to muscle her a little bit she hit tight to the shoreline... Anyways this fish has been giving me nightmares for nights now and i really want to catch my next fish of a lifetime out of the river... Really hope she was able to shake the leader and lure if not my worst thought is true and no one will be able to catch her again...