Cuyahoga turned into a Whitewater Rafting Projet

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cheezemm2, Aug 13, 2007.

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    I have mixed feelings.....
  2. Agent47

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    I remember as a kid walking down to the end of Harry Ave in Munroe Falls and fishing for gill till the Ski crew came, I caught them more than the fish....

    I have a Railroad video which shows these boaters in mini jet boats in the 1950,s going down that stretch in Kent can see several fly fisherman giving them the bird off in the distance...LOL

    no opinion yet but history is veering me.

  3. fishingful

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    my girlfriend toured the area with city officals and made sugestions on what to do as far as she says they told her that money was allready there for the project it was just geting the parties involved to agree on it

    also the city wants to get a deal with akron to be able to increase or decrease out put of water from rockwell at kents request

    i think it would be good for kent recreation but i question the ecological impact of the changing water flow

    not that that whole stretch of river has changed in the last 5 years with the elimination of kents and monrow falls dams ............i havent been down there to make a decision either way
  4. I don't know about the Kent area, but from the Sheraton down to just before Cascade, the 'Hoga is certainly right for whitewater trips. In the spring, there must be Class IV if not V rapids. I know some city leaders in the Falls have discussed this potential. If the big power dam ever comes out, then more whitewater would be opened up. Certainly the fishery would change too. No opinion, just some observations.
  5. cheezemm2

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    I really don't have much an opinon yet, but do question the ecological impact. Anyone have any good studies of controlled flow rivers and fish populations?

    Who knows, maybe this could open up the potential for pike stockings!:)
  6. I don't just sounds like a bad idea to me.
  7. Why in the world would they allocate money to stock pike where the densest population of pike in the state already exists?
  8. That's exactly why I don't like it.