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  1. I have grown up near the cuyahoga and fished it from Kent (Fred Fuller park) Down through Cuyahoga Falls (a mile or so south of the gorge, to the high level bridge). I keep hearing about the Chuckery, and the Cascades area. Where are these areas? Is this somewhere I have fished and just not heard these names? Are they farther North or South? Is there a good source of info/map on the web?

    Thanks for any help/info.

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    The area they are referring to is the southernmost portion of the river in cascade valley metro park. It is a very good spot to fish, you have already fished it if you have gone as far as the big clay bank downstream from the high level bridge. The area goes down stream from the clay banks to cuyahoga st (and beyond if you don't mind the occasional ricochet from the pistol range) and has a bunch of deep rocky holes. Good luck if you go down there. This time of year I find that live bait (preferably caught from the river) works best.

  3. lol what a coincidence... I just got back from there at the chuckery and did half way decent. 15 total. Mostly small smallmouths and a couple of chubbs but did get one 15" smb in... Fought like a champ!!!

    Plus I saw a deer about 50yds away in the tall grass by the indian sign tree
  4. Ahhh that is down in the valley. i've often wondered how that area was. I've rode past that a few times on the tow path. Might have to go check it out!
  5. GroundedRSX,
    You mentioned the chuckery, what section is that? downstream from the cascades area? How far below the gorge?

    Maybe this weekend we can pack some sammiches and water and park one of our vehicles downstream and make the long walk/wade/?swim? I think it would be a great time. I am actually taking my daughter down below the gorge tomorrow morning (Tues) and let her try and hook into some of those spunky little river fish.

  6. its just below the gorge from what i can read from this map:

    you can access it off of cuyahoga st as you head north from tallmadge ave on cuyahoga and then start heading down the hill. It will be on your right. Follow that road in and the first road on your left in the chuckery is where i fished. Follow the trail in the back of the parking lot and continue past the indian signal tree and bear to the left, that trail will take you down by the river and some rocky area i fished around in there and caught most of my fish
  7. give me a ring the day before you want to go. I honestly doubt I'll be getting out this week. Signed papers today and getting keys tomorrow.

    Might be taking you up on that trailer offer if its ok :D