Cuyahoga River Report 6/2/07

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I wasn't able to go with duckman to Erie today, due to I had to work from 6am-10am at the fire department. After I did my short shift at the department, I headed out to the Hoga.

    Today I was focusing on Smallies, and pretty much targeted areas that hold them all day long. On a few occasions I would throw a pike bait with my other rod, just so I could ensure I wouldn't get cut off on my ultralight rod with 2lb line when I went for the smallies.

    River where I went was once again pretty darn low and clear. Just the way I like it when I smallie fish.

    Today the Big Man, Exexec was looking down on me. I was treated to a day of 53 smallies. Biggest one going 3lbs, and 2 others around 2lbs. I also broke off a larger than 3lb smallie today. I only use 2lb line when I hunt these fish in the hoga due to I like the challenge I guess.

    Today I had a personal best day for smallies on the river. Last year my best day was 47 smallies. And today I beat that by pulling in 53 smallies.

    Majority of the smallies are 12" or less, but thats why I use the ultralight. Makes it a bunch more fun. Of coarse when you hookup with a big boy, it truly gets your blood pumping.

    I had some stuff going on at 7pm or I would have been fishing even later. I was catching fish right up to when I had to leave the river for the day.

    I walked alot of the river. Next time I am wearing my corkers so I can get a better grip on the river bottom. Had to find a walking stick to navigate around. Bottom of the river is super slipery.

    I didn't see a soul out there today. I was all alone on the river smackin the crap out of the smallies. What a great day!!!!!


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Photo below doesn't do this fish justice but nobody was around to take a photo of me with it. You can click on the photo to get a bigger view of it.


  3. Wouldn't be free to hit the hoga Sunday afternoon would ya Ben?

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I have some stuff going on tomorrow. If I swing out fishing it would be a spur of the moment thing.

  5. johnboy111711

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    nice to see you there today. oh and the food was good.... i suggest the chicken...

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Ya that was funny. While I am walking back to my vehicle, low and behold Johnboy tries to run me over in his vehicle.

    We tried the chicken, prime rib, fish, and anti pasta salad. All were pretty good.

  7. I was able to hit the hoga this past wednesday. It was really low and clear. Some small smallies hit...not much else. I think it was me, not the river.
    Glad to see you hit it well!