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  1. This past week, I have been spending some time in the Chapel Hill/Akron/Cuyahoga Falls area. One evening I took this opportunity to do some scouting on the Cuyahoga River . I walked along the river/across the foot bridges from the scenic boat tour site, to La Fevers, through the Sheraton, and to the Pier across the huge gorge. This has left me loaded with questions.

    Is this area fishable at all?
    Do they allow public access through here?

    The Dam behind LaFevers looks promising but I got run out of there by a worker threatening me with Trespassing and Private Property. I did not see any signs posts along the entire stretch. Is this area off limits or does it pertain to the overly confusing navigability laws?

    I saw there was no fishing signs from the boat tour docks. The walkway that goes to the Sheraton looks like it one could fish from it, but I wondered if trouble would arise from hotel workers during mid summer, when they are utilizing the patios and such.

    The water doesn’t appear to be overly deep through the whole stretch below the falls behind the Sheraton, and to the Pier across the huge gorge. However, it looks almost unreachable, without climbing ropes, and such. Is there an ease of access point somewhere that I am missing to get down there? Or is this area entirely off limits?

    I am not interested in harvesting or consuming the fish. However, I am more concerned with the water quality and whether there is a dermal contact advisory or not? I’ll admit I have not done much research on this area of the Cuyahoga River or any stretch of the Cuyahoga River to be completely honest. Is this the area where I hear about the raw sewage being dumped into it, when we get heavy rains, and it floods and such.

    Is this area relatively safe to fish in? Despite, the obvious dangers presented by the cliffs and steep banks. Is this a bad neighborhood? Would it be best to fish daytime only? Would night fishing be alright? Or should I stay out of this area all together? Would this area even be worth fishing, or would it be a waste of time? Should I concentrate on other stretches of the River? Such as Burst Park , or below the old falls in Kent?
  2. You can fish it but its a difficult area to fish in catfishing at night there during the summer produces tons of cats. Wouldnt suggest walking out of there till dawn if i where a night fisherman. The dam behind la fevers is usually acessable through one of 2 ways and is an even better spot to fish when its flooded out below. Never have been told i couldnt fish there and i have fished there for years above the dam there are a couple spots which can be productive depending on what your looking for.

  3. I fished there almost all summer long before work. Some days it produces some days not. If you got the below LeFevers then you pretty much covered it all down there. Ive had a couple nice ones get off and had one small pike follow.

    The area down there is very limited and ive only done good below LeFevers and downstream. If you walk down more, theres a wrap around area where you can stand and see the trail. If you walk past the standing thingys and keep going around you'll see it. Like I said though, sometimes i get some, sometimes nothing. Its weird. Ive only thrown inline spinners and got one a buzzbait.

    Ive gotten smallmouths and Rock bass only besides the one follow from a small pike right below the fall. Ive also never been threaten but maybe i got lucky.

    As far as safety, the only thing you might want to worry about is the C-Falls High school ids but Ive never ran into any problems.
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    Tightliner the spot you are wondering about behind LeFevers and behind the Sheraton are very solid spots as far as smallmouths go. I have also caught rockbass and there are tons of big fat carp to hook in as well. I have never been told to leave or not to fish there ever. I fish there a good 15-20 times a year.
    The areas behind the Sheraton are hard to get down to but well worth it if you can get down there. I dont know if it is illegal or not though. I only make that journey once maybe twice a summer and its brutal to get down there. All you can get down there is one rod and wear a vest with all your gear. I just wear old tennis shoes because you are going to get wet. Its dangerous but there are some beautiful holes with big smallies in them.
  5. my nephew and I just fished beneath the front st. bridge a few weeks ago.we noticed to gentlemen paddeling toward us in a cannoe they were coming from up river toward la fevers and the sheraton and such . they pulled out on the east side of the front st. bridge by parking in the first energy power plant entrance,loaded the boat and left. I'm sure they launched there as well and just pulled the truck back across the street to the public parking for the park. Now I read an article in the beacon journal 3years ago about this part of the river being amazing and only accessable from the spot I just spoke of. Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart took a look with a member from Friends of the Cuyahoga.The article invited the public to " explore this hidden gem" but it said you will need a cannoe .I'm thinking of launching a my neighbors small row boat and slapping a trolling motor on and taking a look.
  6. Thanks for all of the information! I'm definitely interested in learning some more about the Cuyahoga River. I tried doing some research, but it mostly comes up with a bunch of information about the River Fire.

    I believe I may be using the wrong terminology and referring to the wrong "gorge". Are there two different piers and/or big gorges? Is there a succession of waterfalls that start at LaFever's and run on down. After which waterfall should I be worried about the raw sewage being emptied in by Akron?

    Yes, I still have tons of questions. It's going to be a long winter. I am going to try to get on Goggle Earth and see if I can get a better look at the area from above. Thanks Again for all the information, and any more feedback is welcomed!
  7. the sewer treatment plant is in the valley a mile or 2 past mc donalds on meramen rd I have only caught small small mouth @ the sewer plant to the dam on rt 82
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    Effluents start to enter the lower Cuyahoga and then into the Cuyahoga itself after "very hard rains" about 1 1/2 miles downriver of the Gorge Dam(Edison Reservoir).This part of the river tests regularly about three times as poorly as the river above the big dam does all the way to upriver source at Lost Lake outside Burton.
    EPA used to have a great map that gauged river quality every 1/2 mile throughout its length and after substancial rains that stretch through the valley to Cleveland(the "Lower Cuyahoga") tested in spots almost as poorly as Lake Erie, and decent smallies or pike were all but non-existant, as compared to Edison or Front St. stretch.
    Still gets fished regularly due to convenience and accessability,etc. and can be a fun place to good as many area waters, but no match in terms of numbers or avg. size to the river above Gorge Dam,
    - no contest.
    Good news is Congress just OK'd the Water Bill which will at long last enable Akron to begin honest remedying of the horrors they've done to these waters for decades, whether they like it or not.
    Fingers crossed...
  9. Cuyahoga falls is as safe as anywhere else. I've never fished the river betwene the park on seccond street (across from Acme-by the doodlebug memorial) and the gorge dam. Downstream of the gorge dam through the national park is fun wading with an ultralight.

    Regarding the combined sewer overflow problems. The water quality can be questionable anywhere in the river (from Kent to Lake erie at least) after ANY measurable rain fall. Most cities in the area have CSOs and the big Akron wastewater plant isn't the only wastewater treatment plant on the river. Just wear waders if you are going within a few days of a decent rainfall and you will be ok. (Good advice for any northern Ohio river--any urban/suburban river for that matter).

    PSST... there aren't many in the area, but steelhead can jump the dam in brecksville and make it all the way up to the gorge dam.
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    As far as sewage running into the cuyahoga I am sure it happens actually I know that it happens but not enough to get you sick or something crazy growing on/in your legs. I regularly walk that river with no waders from Kent, C.F., below the gorge. The "Gorge" or at least what I think of as the gorge is the area/big dam by Swensons off of rt.8.
    There are 2 bigger waterfalls that are directly behind LeFever's and the Sheraton. After that it is a bunch of small ones that trickle down into some sweet smallie holes. Tightliner PM sent.
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    If you do some searching on here you will find a HUGE thread about this several months ago.
    The discussion was in regards to Munroe Falls treatment plant on North River Road otherwise known as the Marsh road plant and what it was placing in the river.
    Ive fished on the walkway along the former front street but have never had to much luck but im not as good as some of the others on here.
    I know a small boat or canoe would be the way to go as many places are better reached that way.
    If your looking more for information on water quality in regards to the fishing Ide advise checking out the City of Akrons water site or even the EPA as they keep it regularly updated.
  12. Tightliner:

    I just started fishing the Cuyahoga this summer and the guys on this site helped me a lot. I mostly wade (just in tennies) the areas around Cascade MetroPark. Caught a decent number of smallies 10 - 12". There are actually two gorges. The huge gorge, which I think is one of the most spectacular sights in any Ohio city, is the one just downstream from the Sheraton. You get an amazing view from the walkway bridge (I forget the name of the street). That area is an adventure to get down into. If it wasn't for Rt. 8 just above, the place would be a national park. The ice formations along the rock walls are spectacular in winter. I think the other gorge is the series of rapids and drops from Gorge Park down almost to Cascade Park. If the big gorge pool dam ever comes out, you'll have a destination whitewater attraction for kayakers. Pretty amazing area. By the way, I never got sick, and my legs don't glow much from my wading! Now, downstream of the "poop plant" might be another story. From what I've gathered on this site, the river upstream from Water Works Park has a good population of pike. Good luck and listen to the guys on this site.
  13. Brooklin,

    Many of the people who claim the Cuyahoga is terrible, also won't eat Lake Erie caught fish becuase they are contaminated; and don't think twice about where their resturant or store bought fish come from. (USDA standards are considerably lower than those of the OEPA fish advisory!


    CSOs are the biggest water quality problem in the river, not the treatment plants. When I worked in a water plant our upstream fecal coliform samples were hotter than our downstream samples. plant discharge water is typicaly as clean as the natural water, if not better.