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Cuyahoga River/Edison area

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by KSUFLASH, May 17, 2004.


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Ok guys, I live not to far from this stretch of the river. I have never fished below the edison dam/gorge park area. Now can someone tell me for certain if fishing is allowed down there, and if so, is there a special way I need to get down there. I have heard rumors your not allowed to fish from shore, and not allowed to use minnows, and blablalba. Do I need to park futher down from the dam, say like babb run, and then walk my way back up or what. And lastly, what kinda fishing is happening down below that dam area. Just kinda curious on what to bring with me to fish with. I know that above edison headed towards cuyahoga falls looks like nice water, but you gotta be a mountain goat to get down some of the steep cliffs. So I am looking for some new water to try out.

    thanks in advance..

    flash---------------------------------------------out :confused:
  2. Kindlebeard

    Kindlebeard OGF Birchbass Champ!!!

    I have roamed the river from LeFevers to Cascade Park.

    There do appear to be some nice holes under the dam, but it is hard to get to. Parking at Babb Run and working your way back up stream would be tough. That is a long hike, and part of it may be in the river.
    I would park at Gorge Park and just follow the path. You probably aren't allowed to climb the banks, but whatta you gonna do? :rolleyes: Travel light only essential gear, you can pack on your back. Because you are going to have to climb rocks to get down and up from the river. Plan on getting wet, too. Some of the holes and river flow may require you to do some crossings. I have mostly only caugth SMB and the occasional pike under the dam. But it is always fun to climb around the river on a hot day.

  3. Dingo


    The restriction against minnows and spawn is within the CVNRA (national park) portion of the river, which is quite a bit downstream from the gorge. I haven't used live minnows in that section, so I don't know how enforced it is.
  4. Cascade Park = Cascade Locks?
    How is the fishing their there seemed to be some nice pools in that area.
  5. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    I fished that area and for the trouble it was worth it didn't seem worth it. I did much better in the front street section where I could use a boat. i enjoyed the river but the steep climb wasn't worth the 3 or 4 small smallies we caught. i also heard that it was pretty good down in the vally section around the 82 concrete thingy. If i was fishing for smallies though I think the go to bait is the wee craw.
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    Fishing is NOT allowed in Gorge Metro park from the banks. That is from a park ranger. You are not even allowed to tread on the banks. Baab run park is a nature sanctuary and you are not allowed to fish there either. As far as enforcement??? who knows.... But there is a sewage outlet/stench thing at Baab run. Pretty ripe. I wouldn't go in the water there.
  7. have been fishing the river all my life now so im kinda good at it .but its a lot of work for sure. in that area cascade park up to the gorge isnt that bad of a wade if that,s your thing .pool right below edison dam is real good most of the time but no fishing in the park so be careful rapids below sheraton are excellent also but really tough to wade falls by lefever is good also catch many good smallies all summer . sewage starts to be released into the river by the edison plant when it rains so stay away for a few days after a rain or you might get something you dont want
  8. jack kiser

    jack kiser

    Just a note to those interested;
    you are definetely not allowed to use the banks(gorge valley sidewalls)for understandable reasons of liability and erosion.The best way to avoid this and still enjoy a nice bit of exercise and ultra-lite fun is to park one vehicle down at the Chuckery, Oxbow,Cascade ballfields,or even as far downriver as the Scandanavian, depending on the time factor and/or ambition.
    I would take a short walk down either side of the Edison paths to the dam before making plans.If the breakers are walkable from one side to the other,you're ok.If the water is roaring over them I'd consider alternatives-not just for safety but also sheer fishability.
    If all is ok, I'd park the other vehicle in the Gorge Metro lot in the Falls.This way, you're always fishing upwater as you go,not muddying the water and spooking the fish,and ,when you're done -just below the breakers in your last pool,you simply exit up the Falls side along the dam and up to the waiting car.Legally-unless something I'm unaware of has very recently transpired.Small craft fishing above the dam is obviously superior,particularly for size.
    I'm 51 now and don't like going down there alone anymore anyway,you break a leg and that might be bye-bye.
    For the general logistics of what I've described you might check out my "Smallmouth from Shore" video at,excerpts of which played on our tv show the past two weeks on PBS.
    By the way, the comment about Ohio Edison polluting the area with sewage is,obviously, silly.This facility produced electricity-not sewage-and closed EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO.The premier sewage concerns appear farther downriver, courtesy of what was once called the "Rubber Capitol".

    Best of Luck/Love the Site-
  9. Nice Post Jack...not Too Many People Know The River As Well As You Do...i Didnt Know You Was An Old Codger Like Me.......whats A Codger Anyway?guess I Will Have To Look That 1 Up...
  10. bye the way the comment about edison polluting the river was not what was written .what was written was there is a big pipe BY edison the spews sewage into the rive NOT edison spewing sewage and when it rains all the river down river from that pipe is to be avoided after a hard rain for at least 72 hours according to the akron beacon journal.