Cuyahoga River and Private Pond Weekend of 5/10/08

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  1. Going to try and post some pics from this weekend (and a few weekends ago). LM caught on 10" PowerBait worm on a Texas Rig (dark green) on the Hoga. Second is a decent pike also caught on the Hoga (few weeks ago--weekend of 04/19/08, I believe). He hit on a small minnow on a crappie rig. Finally is a cat caught at a private pond by my parent's house in Hudson. Was over for a visit and got this guy on a bottom rig with half a bluegill. Scale that I'm holding reads 15lbs, but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

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  2. Nice!!!! What did the scale say on the pike? I know , scales don't talk!! Oops, guess I should have read the whole thing before this post!!!

  3. Yanky

    Yanky shakesbeard

    whereabouts on the cuyahoga are you fishing? just lookin for a general region really, not your special spots :)
  4. Stow/Cuyahoga Falls area--usually anywhere from the old Monroe Falls dam down to the old Tackleshack in the Falls (not sure why I'm referring to everything as "old"--guess burnt down and not there anymore would be more appropriate).
  5. You know what, I honestly don't remember--that's why I didn't post the weight. I wanted to be "factual" with my information. Anyhow, I guess for the future it would make sense not to completely cover the scale in the photo!:)
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    That is an awesome bass for the 'hoga! Nice job.
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    Nice work! Good to see CVCA students doing well...from an alumni.
  8. Alum myself--2003
  9. Yanky

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    ah i was afraid you would say you were down there once i saw your location on your profile. im up in the cleveland area and was hopin for some tips on the area around here.

    thx though! good catch :)
  10. Yeah, sorry. Unfortunately I don't get up that way too often on the rivers but for steelheading in the winter.
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    I fish at that little pond a lot too. I have probably seen you there, although I haven't made it there too much this year, Since My wife and I had a little girl in december. I have been there twice but it was too flooded both times I went. Have you caught any crappie there? I did really well on crappie there last year including 2 over 15" but it seems to always be hit or miss. I have caught a 6 lb bass in that pond and also a few pike over 30 inches, all while crappie fishing with a twister tail or minnow. any ways Nice Fish, maybe see you there sometime. Rick
  12. BIGBEAR: I go there often. You know what, in fact, if you are who I think you are, we did meet once last year if you're the guy I'm thinking of. I did fair on crappie last year, and I agree, they are very "hit or miss." Usually do best on the West end. I went a few times early in the year too and everything was totally flooded. Unfishable.

    Nice job on the huge bass. I've only pulled a few smaller ones out of that pond. The one in the pics is from up by the Tackleshack bridge in the Falls. Hope to see you out there!