Cuyahoga River 4-29-08

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    Another good day on the old Cuyahoga.
    Got out around 8:30am and headed home about 2:30pm.
    Found most of the water around the 82 bridge around 56 degrees and
    visibility was about 2'. Started at the bridge and worked upstream.
    Ended the day with 32 smallies and 1 LM. 32 included 2 SM over 18'',
    5 SM between 15-17'' and 6 more between 13-15''. The rest were dinks
    for the most part, 8-11'' but alive and kicking for sure. The 2 big fish came
    on a Bagleys crankbait but most of the others came on tubes. There was
    no mistaking the bite, when they hit it you knew it. My 1st trip to that part of the river but for sure not my last. Got a few cell phone pics of the big
  2. Great Job and Report....

    And specific tube color or style.. if you dont mind me askin....


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    you guys are killing me!
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    C'mon, y'all know there ain't no fish in that there river but carps.... :p
  5. Hello! You wrote that you started at the 82 bridege and worked upstream. That means you got two 18" smallies above the dam? Nice...