Cuyahoga near kent/stow

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  1. Hey guys...I was wondernif if anyone knows about the fishing on the cuyahoga around middlebury road, underneah the briodge right there by 261?...I used to fish it all the time before they took the dam out...I was wondering if there are still fish there?, and has anyone fished that section??..let me know whats goin on on that particular part oft he river..thanks!
  2. Cheesehead Cory

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    I fish that area by kayak pretty regularly, haven't yet this year. I've caught pike, smallies, largemouth, and rockbass there; before and after the dam was removed.

  3. friend from work caught a good smallie there behind water works.Around 3-4 lbs 22inches long
  4. how do you get to water works from the north?
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    There was a great pike population before the dam was removed . Now there isnt any water and all of the big weed beds and lillys are gone down stream . Hopefully the smallie population will increase with the faster flow.
  6. Look for rocks and stones. You will find smallies and rocks. You can find pike around the log jams and trees in the water.