Cuyahoga near 77 & 480????????

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  1. I'm doing a conference right near I-77 & I-480 - is there parking and access in the CVNRA and are there spots you can wade? Thanks.
  2. Some good spots upstream (south) of there. The stretches around alexander road (pleasant valley) are pretty interesting. This is the next major road to the south of rockside, which is a bit south of I-77. There might be some steelhead in the area by now as well. I like to cast stickbaits and spinners this time of year. Have caught smallmouth/largemouth, pike, steelhead, and a few walleye on them.

    Make sure that you wear waders and limit contact with the water, since there might be some nasties swimming around in there (thanks, Akron).

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    no live bait is allowed in the cvnr!!
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    also no eggs!!!!!!!