Current conditions at Clearfork??? anyone??

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  1. Has anyone been to clearfork res. in the past few days? Just curious as to the water conditions and temp before making a drive up. Thanks
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    check out central ohio chapter muskies inc. message board..they say its only about a foot visibility with no action. that is the board to check for clearfork.

  3. Fished Clearfork Wed Morning 3 hrs, water condition not that good, 1-2 ft.temp 39. trolled down by the dam and around the inlands no luck.
  4. I don't live too far from there but, I haven't been up past the lake for a couple weeks.
    This is about when they start catchin the Musky, they, not me. My boy and I started trying for musky last year with no luck. Is it the fish of a 1000 casts or 10,000.:(
    New season and a new boat (new to me), so something should change.:):F