Cumberland River Blues

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  1. Truck and I decided to make a trip to Cumberland city, TN to do some bait fishing and catting, both were a success
    We left Thursday am with the snow flying and headed south, 5.5 hours later we checked into the hotel, had a quick lunch and hit the power plant for some skip fishing and they were on fire. skip jack fishing is a lot of fun but even more so when you catch them 2 and 3 at a time. The only down side was backing my buddies truck down the ice covered boat ramp where 2 boats had left before us, the 4wd held up and we got the boat out.
    The next morning we showed up to the same frozen ramp with a bag of salt in tow, quick salting of the ramp and we had the boat in and went to the power plant to fish for more bait before making the cold run down to our first spot. I took first fish honors with a 17# blue (my new personal best blue) then after looking around for a bit we anchored down on a deep hole and the fish decided it was Trucks turn....the fish gods reward him with a 40# blue
    The next morning we put in again to much warmer temps (no salt needed this am) and did a bit more bait fishing then off to the main river for more cats and the fish gods smiled on us once again we start catching fish, another 17 and a 23# for me and an 18 and a 30# for truck
    The wind picked up and blew us off the river so back to the power plant for some more skips...we ended the day when the 128 qt cooler we were putting them in was full
    Total fish for the trip 17#,17#,18#,23#,30#and a 40# blue cats
    39 1 gallon zip locks full of skips

    pics to follow if I can get them to post, if not i'll put them up tomorrow

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  2. and one of the skips

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  3. Great report! I know me and Mellon want to go back down for a long weekend here in the next couple of months, just have to figure out when. This report will certainly get our gears turning, the last time we went down,2 winters ago, we took blues of 20, 22, and 23 the Cumberland is a phenominal world class fishery!

  4. H2O Mellon

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    Hell yea man, let' go. Let's go now. Now as in right now, I'm ready!!!!!!
  5. If I wasnt going to Cleveland this weekend I'd love to be back down there
  6. Yes it was a great trip !!!! In a month or 2 I will be going back again.At least this time I will spend more time catting and less time catching bait.Even though i love catching those skips;)
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    Nice fish guys, miss going down there mainly because it's a great place to catch bait, I don't think the fishing is as good as it used to be years ago, could be the netters or the fishing pressure don't know if I'll get back there in 08..............Doc
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    I heard that the massive drought they had in the summer last year ('07) could hurt the fishing, but looks like that was wrong. That 40# Blue is one great fish Truck.

    Big John.... I remember where you live. Are you going to have some fresh Skips waiting on me? :)

    Truck, let us know when your going back down, as Salmonid, Fisherman5567 & I are thinking of going down in a month or two ourselves.
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    that used to be the norm down there, look at my website on some of the pigs we put in the boat when Donnie S and us used to go down there, Truck knows cause he went with us for several years, one thing is for certain the Skipjacks have always been down there during the winter months and the Mexican food and beer has always been awesome across from the Motel, Hooters aint' bad when we stayed in Clarksville wings were great, Breasts wern't bad either Macfish, Mr.FishOhio, Jigger, Fishsticks, all of us had some great times down there, Macfish rippin the manager at the motel after Donnie and I shortsheeted his bed had to be the best classic, Oh Man that was so funny ........Doc
  10. WOW.......thanks for making this post and for the pics.

    Biggest cat we have boated was just under 8 lbs.......nothin compared to what you guys hit.

    Sweet trip........posts like this point out other fishing options worth exploring.
  11. Nice cats guys! Looks like a fun trip.