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  1. I just got back, I didn't fish as much as planned. I spent more time by the pool because it was so freakin hot. On Thursday I went to the Rockcastle on the kayak. I caught three largemouth and a gar. I landed one largemouth that weighed 4.2 Ibs largemouth. The other were one pound.

    On Friday evening I kayaked fished Buck Creek. I caught eight smallies and five rock bass. The smallies were around six to eight inches. I did catch one fifteen incher.

    I went back on the kayak to Buck Creek but it was mid day and crazy hot. I caught five largemouth, four smallies, and two rock bass. They were all small fish around six inches. I did kayak a cave river underground it was so cool but crazy cold the water was in the 40's. That was probably the highlight of the trip. Ronnie
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    Ronnie, where'd you stay around Cumberland? I'm thinking of heading out of the Gatlinburg area early and maybe going back towards Big South Fork and staying a few days. I also thought about heading to Cumblerand Falls.

    Too many people and too darn hot.

    If I'd have known this heat wave was going to come through I think I would have opted for the WVa mountains...


  3. Terry, my wifes family has a condo in Woodensend Bend resort. It is located by Burnside. It is very close to Sumerset and were the South Fork and Cumberland river meet to connect to feed the lake. From what I hear the South Fork is good fishing but you must be careful because there are class V rapids. We did go to the falls but I couldn't find any where to put in. PM me and I can give you more detailed info.