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  1. Anybody been on one?Just wondering what you do for 5 days.
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    They will usually stop at a different port about every day and let you go ashore. My wife and I went on a cruise last spring and had a good time. At night when your traveling to a new location there are alot of things to do. The cruise ship usually has shows and other planned activities for you to go to. The food was really good and there always seemed to be a buffet open somewhere...If you get to wore out just plop down in a lawn chair with a beer and relax. Alot of the ships have casinos on board too if your into that. I know we had a really good time on our cruise.

  3. Man they cannot be beat for relaxation and fun... Pure pleasure... Make sure of one thing and that would be either drive to the port you will depart from or send your clothes a week early so that you both arrive in time to make the ship...
    I drove to Maryland then had my car and us packed on a train for the ride down to Florida... It was cheaper then flying and we also got a mini vacation from that adventure...
    Another very good idea is to bring extra cash to purchase things like cheap electronics which can be had for 1/4 - 1/3 price and save you allot of cash in the long run...
  4. A cruise is how we spend our one vacation a year. It's the best way in the world to get away from it all. Depending on your itinerary, for 5 days you might hit 3 ports and have 2 days at sea. Anymore, we go for the days at sea more than the ports. Alot depends on which cruise line you choose as to what the activities are, but there's always shows, food, spa treatments, food, shopping, booze, food, did I mention food?? ;) If you want to get a feel for cruising, check out It's a great site and the forums are a great source for any info you might need.
  5. Did anyone mention the FOOD. I gained 15 lbs. on the last cruise I went on. I can eat until my arms get tired and that is what I did every day.For a trully lazy vacation it is the way to go.

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    alcohol is cheap also....
  7. We are going to stop at 2 ports Key West & Cozumel Mexico,realy don't know what to expect.I have been telling everyone for me it will be a Lobster & margarita cruise :D Thanks for the info,did someone say cheap alcohol :) We are leaving Monday ;)
  8. I have never been on one but know a few people who have and they said that alcohol on the ship was really expensive, like 3 or 4 bucks for a beer and even pop was like 2 or 3 bucks. They said drinks like ice tea and lemonade were included but the pop and alcohol was not. I guess they give you like a credit card to use on the ship and when you get off you have to pay up, they had $1200.00 in bar tabs!! :eek: You can probably buy alcohol cheap at the ports you stop in. A guy I work with went on an Alaskan cruise and his wife hit $2500.00 on a slot machine in the casino! How cool would that be.
  9. Truck -

    I've been to both places a couple times - you will a great time. Like all the others have said the food is great - especially if you like seafood. I always make it a point to eat fish/seafood every day. The boat will provide you with a list of HIGH priced excursions for each port.

    Wait to buy your booze in Cozumel. Right at port in Cozumel you have to walk through a 1/4 mile long duty free "strip mall" with everything imaginable. Prices here are set - so no negotiating. Do NOT listen to the cruise ship's report of paying taxes on all bottles over the limit of 3. Usually unless you buy a case or more, customs lets you through without paying the tax bacause they don't want to fill out the paperwork. You can buy three 1 liter bottles of Crown Royal for $45!!!

    Silver is everywhere in Cozumel and can be bought CHEAP if you hagle. Many places do not price items at all - you have to ask. Never offer more than half of what they ask for & insist that is all you will pay. If you have to, leave the store - they will follow you out to make the deal. This works the same way in stores that price items - NEVER pay the listed price.

    If you go into town - visit Senior Frogs. It's world famous and never disappointed me or my freinds! I would recommend the off road Jeep jungle adventure, the Mian Ruins tour, or paying the fee to go to Paradise Island and party all day. I would not recommend the Eco kayak Jungle tour (It sucks) or the party boats - close to the same fee as Paradise Island, but not even close to as good.

    My Pick: Paradise Island has one of the top beaches in the world. Clothing is optional on both ends of the island which is always interesting, full service bar and dining facilities. For like $55 you can (2003 last yr there) get a taxi ride across the island & through the jungle, boat ride there & back, buffet lunch, and all you care to drink.

    You'll have a great time! Now I wish I were going!
  10. Twistertail brings up a good point. Drinks are priced @ typical airport prices (maybe a slight exaggeration) You even have to go to the bar for pop.

    When you board you get a "sign and sail" card. You use this card for EVERYTHING on the boat. You will be provided a "half way" list of your outstanding charges roughly half way through your cruise. My wife and I drink pretty heavy every day and we spend $800-$1,000 on drinks and entertainment for a 5 day cruise like yours.

    Also - Which boat are you going on & with which cruise line? It makes a big difference on the "activity" level. We always make sure to get on a party boat loaded with bars and a fun crowd after unknowingly taking a short cruise with Elderly United once (No offense to anybody but it was boring for a couple in their early 20's)
  11. If you want to just hang out on a beach and drink try one of those all inclusive places in Cancun or the Rivera Maya area just south of Cancun. The one I went too was about 40 miles south of Cancun and it was AWSOME! All the food and drinks were included, there were 6 different places to eat and 8 bars on the property. You just walk up to the bar and tell them what you want, the beer taps were self serve! There was even a bar in the pool where you could just sit in the pool at the bar! Kinda like the cruise idea of food and drinks all included but you are not on a boat. There were all kinds of water sports included also. It was a great time.
  12. The wife & I just got back (6/7) from a cruise around Hawaii on NCL America's Pride of Aloha. I would go back again in a heartbeat. We booked daily excursions on each island and just used the ship as a floating hotel room.

    1 day in Honolulu, Oahu
    2 days on Kauai
    1 day in Hilo (big island)
    1 day in Kona (big island)
    2 days on Maui
    1 day in Honolulu, Oahu
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    We've been on two Carnival cruise ships, one to the Western Caribbean and one to the Eastern. Both were seven day cruises and both were great. We enjoyed the days at sea more than the in-port days. Plenty of great food, great activities, Vegas style shows in the evenings, gambling if you want, etc. There's absolutely no lack of things to do, even if it's just finding a quiet place and settle in with a good book and a cup of coffee.

    Couldn't stand downtown Cozumel, too many high pressure stores with people outside trying to get you inside. Should have rented a car and toured the island on our own or hired a taxi. We took the trip to the Mayan ruins at Tulum and that was worth while and enjoyable.

    Our only regret is not finding time to go for a swim in the magnificent waters of the Caribbean in that area.

    The cruise lines go out of their way to sell you stuff while you're on the ship. Duty free jewelry, booze, perfume, pictures, rum cakes and more! If you can avoid all these traps and watch what you do on shore, cruising can be a very affordable vacation. We didn't learn that lesson until after our first cruise when we got back home and looked at the Master Card bill!!!

    Have fun!
  14. Just keep in mind that most any alcohol you buy ashore is confiscated at the gangway and returned to you the last night of your cruise. You can always try bringing a small amount onboard with you from home, but carry it on in your carryon luggage.

    In Cozumel, we also enjoy Carlos & Charlies. It's along the same line as Senor Frog's, and a wild and crazy time. Gotta watch out for the shots! :eek:

    Fish-N-Fool...sounds like you must have been on Holland America or Celebrity. They have wonderful ships, but do cater to the somewhat older crowd. Back in the day, before I became WQ, I was a travel agent, so I did get to cruise often.

    Bon Voyage! Now I'm bummed cause we've got 6 months yet till ours! ;)
  15. Thanks everyone for the info,See ya all July 5th :D