crossbreed bass?

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  1. Can anyone identify this specie of fish? Looks like a cross between a whitbass or striper and a smallmouth or spotted bass. I place my foot so I could measure this length, which is about 13" First time I've saw anything like this.
    I hope everyone can view the picture. I had trouble trying to upload.

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  2. That is a spotted bass. Also known as a Kentucky bass.
  3. I originally thought spotted bass, but they usually have a defined horizontal pattern on the side. (at least the ones I am familiar with) This fish just seemed to have whitebass or striper features is why I wanted other opinions.
    Anyway, it didnt bite me and it was set free. Catch and release.
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    I'm going with Spot also. The dark spot on the gill cover is the best identifier in the absence of clear body markings. Also, it's not genetically possible for a White Bass, Striper, or Hybrid Stiper to crossbreed with a a Smallie, Largemouth or Spot. The first are in the Morone genus and are true Bass. Largemouth, etc are in Micropterus which is really a Sunfish. They are as likely to reproduce as your Pit Bull and Siamese Cat.

  5. Thanks for all the replys and info, very helpful.
    I'd hate to run into a siamese pitbull! I did see quite a few snakes on the banks of the river today.
  6. only reason I didnt think it was a 'spot' was no definitive horizontal line and rows of dark spots on the sides. Also, I caught this fish in Ohio not Kentucky.... lol
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    Actually, that could quite possibly be a spot/smallie cross. I'd have to do some digging, but I've seen such examples on the web before.

    Disturbing, if was in a creek that spots have expanded their range into. I hope it came from the Ohio river, or at least not far from it.
  8. Where was this fish taken? It is a spot. They are very agressive and very fun to catch. I've caught a few on the Ohio river, but not much else in Ohio.
  9. thats just a spot, the s look like that most of the time in the ohio. i have seen pictures of black bass hybrids but they are so rare in the wild they are not worth mentioning. also, spots are 100% native to all of our streams in the ohio river drainage, they dont take over smallie creeks they're abundace has gone up because they prefer more silted areas which we have provided them. they live throughout the ohio i have personally shocked them in pitsburg and they have always been up in places like the darby and the upper lmr, if you dont like invasives (i dont either), you atleast have to get them right.
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    You're wrong.

    Whereas spots are native to the Ohio river drainage, their historiclly native range is expanding. Yes, it is a water quality issue (mainly hydomodification) that has made this possible.

    Spots are extremely prolific, and voracious feeders. They will out compete smallies for food and prime spawning habitat. Cross breeding is rare, but if this fish came from outside the spot's historic range, it bothers me.

    The more I look at it, the more I think it's a cross. Bronze color, dark fins, and stripes on the head all look smallie. The white pearly belly, body shape, and jaw line look like a spot. I'd love to see it with it's mouth closed, and know whether or not it had a tongue patch.

    Outside their range, spots ARE invasive...just like cormorants. Granted, we don't have a huge problem...yet...say, like Indiana or Missouri. But, if I catch them where they're not suppose to be, I do reduce them to my posession limit.
  11. look at the jaw.......its a spot!!! i fished lake lanier GA for 10 years.....thats a malnurished looking spot!!
  13. contrary to my last comment,now that i look at the tail.........that might just be some kinda toxic waste mutant..............the spots along the belly tell me spot,but that tail......unlike any spot ive seen...and ive caught hundreds over 5lbs.
  14. Can anyone read! If you look at my post with a description of bass it states that adult spots have the vertical spots, so if you wait a few years it could have spots!!!
  15. This fish was caught in the littlemiami river (milford) I didnt think to analyze the fish at the time, but while I kept fishing I was thinking to myself "what the hell kind of fish was that?" So when I got home, I posted the pic and asked others their opinion.
  16. The TAIL is the main reason I questioned this catch. Looked like a white bass tail to me. I've caught spotted bass myself in the Ohio River. NONE looked like this fish and were easily identifiable.