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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Metzie, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Metzie

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    I am planning on getting a crossbow. I am leaning toward a Horton but keeping my option open. Any comments or preference? Thanks!%
  2. I have a Horton Legend and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

  3. i won't trade it for the world. the wife even has a horton .
  4. i shoot a ten pt. and everyone in my family shoots a ten pt. never had a problem with em. and if i did the factory is close in suffield.
  5. littleking

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    same here!!!
  6. jake74

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    I own a older horton that is a great bow. I shoot a compound and let my son shoot the horton. Now a buddy of mine has a stryker crossbow and all I can say is wow. If I buy another crossbow I would have to consider one. I watched him pile bolts on top of each other from 70 yards it was very impressive. A tad expensive but seems to be a sweet bow.
  7. If money is not a big thing then I would go with a 10 point. I saw a guy shoting one at 50 yards and it was still flat.
  8. littleking

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    my legend hd 175 shoots 50 flat too....

    although shaun frames bowtech desert stryker is insane!
  9. ten point for me. i know more than 10 people with them and we all love them!
  10. I have Horton Legend....have had it almost 10 years.. super bow. No problems. But have also seen 10 points, Excaliburs, that are nice.

    Comes down to personal preference.

    I would suggest you try each one and pay attention to:

    Weight of the bow in your hands and general comfort
    Horizontal length of limbs. (Long limbs do not allow for manueverability in close quarters)

    Good luck and good hunting with whatever you choose.

  11. I have a Horton legend, but got it because the factory is les sthan a mile from my house. Never had any problems at reasonable distances. It is a bit noisy, which could lead to a deer jumping the string, but I refuse to shot farther than 30 yds at a deer with any xbow or compund bow, so it shouldnt matter for me.
  12. ezbite

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    call me cheap, i dont care. ive owned one crossbow and i got it back when i got out of the navy for $200 off my neighbor. its a horton hunter and its killed many, many whitetail. only have a single pin on the front and the dial-a-range peep on the rear. sighted dead on at 25 yards and i wouldnt give it up for a fancy new one:) guess im voting for horton also.
  13. I have a Horton Hunter Supreme that has killed many deer. I like the fact that Horton is only 30 minutes from my house. I took it there a few weeks ago to have the dial-a-range replaced and they did it for free. They also replaced the limbs, trigger mechanism, cables and string for a decent price. Basically have a brand new bow now. Limbs are only warranted for 3 years. Trigger didn't need replaced, but I upgraded it to shoot a different type of arrow. I've loved it! Was gonna sell and buy one of their vertical bows, but don't want to get rid of it now. Probably has another 10 years left in it.
  14. None my my business to sway your decision but what made you choose a crossbow over compound? Of course its totally up too you in preference and all but too gives me more of a satisfaction in shooting deer or any other game with a compound than a crossbow....Im not against crossbows at all...its just if you would ever hunt out of state...some states only allow compounds not crossbow...especially if you want to shoot in tournaments?? Totally up too you!!! I hunt with High Country "Excalibur" compound....old school...but at 40 yards ive got a 3" spread...all in the shooter...definitley up too you...ive heard great things on horton....also heard bowtec is makin like a $2000 crossbow?? crazy.....gooluck with your decision!!!
  15. I have two hortons, a yukon sl and a HD175, boys and I take deer with both,dont think you can go wrong with them and now is the time to buy them if your looking used,you can get them for dirt cheap.
  16. Stampede

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    I to am looking to upgrade my crossbow.I've got a horton explorer XL150 and it weighs more than my smoke pole.Had to give up the compound for shoulder reasons now a lighter crossbow sounds good.Thinking of trying to keep in five to six hundred range? havent looked serious yet,so i'm also looking for ideas.
  17. I agree with the ten point!!! I have a horton hunter too,& jennings devastator....but find myself taking the tenpoint to the stands
  18. One Legged Josh

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    You could buy a Tenpoint, or a couple of Hortons for the same ammount. !%Nothin wrong with a backup.
  19. I'm awaiting an '09 Bowtech Strykeforce. Same dimensions as the Desert Stryker just 35fps faster. I don't know if it will become my "favorite" but it's hard not to like 385fps:D
  20. I have a older Horton with PSE limbs on it, a single dot Red Dot and I am a happy camper, sticks em all. My buddy bought a Xcaliber last fall then spent the fall and winter buying accessories for it just so it would shoot like my horton. The first 4 deer he shot at he missed them all, the Rage blades would open during the flight of the arrow and go south into the dirt. All that money on a fancy bow and top end broadheads and all he got was $hit on. You don't need to spend all that money on a Xbow. Like a car or boat, get it off the lot and it looks a lot better when the salesman is not sticking something more costly under your nose. I am a sales person, nothing better than seeing a guy come in with a couple of buddies with the fever, boat, car or bow. Shaming a guy in front of his buddies about not getting the nice one has paid a lot of bills. Sorry but every one has to eat.