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crooked cops

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by peon, Jul 25, 2005.

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    sounds like he beat the system fair and square. Not saying it is right but it happens. Tell me if you would feel the same if it were one of your friends that got away with one. Not to start an argument or anything. What makes him a scumbag is that he seems to have a pattern going and is getting away with it. His time will come, prob. at the expense of a life but it will come.

  3. Kinda unfair to say he got away with DUI without stating what the newspaper wrote. Who knows how much spin was put on this by those that simply look to find fault with the men that do their best to protect those that need their protection. Wonder how many times this officer had to face the possibility of confronting someone that could have threatened his life.

    As reported in the referenced link:
    Deputies suspected he had been drinking.Sources say Drew complained of health problems and was taken to the hospital.
    By the time officials performed a sobriety test, his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit.
    He has not been charged.
    However, the sheriff will not give more details.Drew has been ordered not to talk about this case, which is being investigated by the prosecutor.

    I don't think the other two published references have a whole lot of bearing on this current accusation but Id guess the news media involved has some score they are trying to settle or a reporter trying to get recognition at the expense of someone else.

    Give the Chief a break until proven otherwise.
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    well iv seen this cop with my two eyes do some pretty shady stuff... and i mean shady!! this cop needs put behind bars and never be let a cop again..!!
  5. While I believe that nobody is above the law,I also believe certain concessions can,and should be made.I want one person here,or anywhere else to truthfully say that if they were a cop and pulled over their mom or dad,sister or brother,or even best friend,they wouldn't cut them a break-c'mon.These guys are out there everyday risking their lives for us,and they're only human,I see nothing wrong with cutting this guy a break at all,unless it's a reoccuring incident with this officer,then I can see something being done.I've always been taught to show police the dignity and respect they deserve,I've also been taught,the only people that have trouble with the police is people who they themselves break the law.Hopefully,we can get an update a few days from now and see where this goes.
  6. Please explain what you have seen. Ever think about reporting what you have viewed? Might be worth considering if this officer is truly that bad. You would be doing a service to the whole community.
  7. who is a sheriff deputy down that way. I'll ask him and I can guarantee an honest assessment of this police chief from him. My friend is straight cut and honest to the core. I haven't spoken with him since I moved to Cincy so it's about time I gave him a call.

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    riverwalker i will post an update when i get some news...

    shortdrift.. na im not lookin for trouble... im sure it will all get caught up with him and he will do some time if its 20 years from now... cause it seems that this guy has been doing shady stuff for a long time...
  10. that is crazy cut the guy some slack! a judge just put two men in prison up to 5 yr for sitting in a jet getting ready to take off, because of drinking 6 hr before they went to work. And i agree to the charge and conviction. but now there is a police chief driving a (police cruser) that is under the influence of alcohol. and some people believe let him go is the thing to do. he is a sworn officer to protect the public that is on duty (he was stopped in police cruser) at the very least should be terminated with a criminal record. his job is a sworn officer of the courts to protect the people. so i guess a known abusive drunk could become a secret service agent because he is not afraid of fighting willing to risk his own life. No i'm sorry he is an officer and his penalty should reflect it. just think about it he gets special protection by our government for being an officer. if you dont believe that find a police dog and kick it because you fear its barking. now you are charged with a federal offence. Just my opinion good luck on the waterways
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    I too have saw my share of Shady stuff coming from our Public Police ! I have reported what I saw the Cops do on more than one occassion. You know what it got me ? A whole lot of Flack & Ball Bustin from all the Cops here in town, In a small town they know everyone & can do about anything they want.

    With that being said- The only other thing you can do is VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE, Get the Good Ole Boys OUT & New Blood in there ! Write your Local Paper, Mayor & Council. Go to the Council Meetting's & let your Voice be heard, Never stay silent !!! Or they will have no clue whats going on in their own House. I love to voice my opinion & get my Point across, no matter if its the Cops, City Council, Local Paper, The Law Director or just a Cashier that needs to do a better job, Ill let them know. Your voice is your Action's. At least thats the way I have found it to be in this little town I live in. :(

    Cat Mazter
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    maybe a look in the mirror is needed? :D
  13. I havent had any problems with the police here. But I have had lots of problems with the school board. I had $146 stolen from me about 2 weeks before school was out. It was stolen while I was in Gym class and I found out who supposedly stolen it. I confronted him and go into about half a fight intill the teacher broke us up. We went to the office and talked about it and he swore he didnt take the money. Then the Vice Princible said he would have the wallet finger printed, so I came back in a few days later and the wallet was on his desk. He said that the local police chef said there was nothing he could do with it. I know the chef because its a small town, I ask him about it and he said he never heard about any wallet. So that it is pretty bad when the vice princiable is a lier :mad: . Thought I would share that little story with you.

    Tory :p
  14. We have a local firefighter who tested positive for drugs, twice, and still is employed by the Lima Fire Department. After testing positive the first time, he was made to go to rehab and after he finished it he was aloowed back to work but had to sign a contract saying that the next time he would forfeit his job. He got caught again, the city let him go and he sued them. The courts decided that the contract was not following the proper chain of discipline and overuled it and ordered the guy back to rehab again. Last I read he was still employed by the city, but considering leaving his post....
  15. Cat Mazter

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    Thats the "Good Ole Boy Network" for ya ! :mad:
  16. flathunter

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    Heres is what I dont understand, there is known drug houses in the city I live in, and the cops know where they are, but do nothing???
  17. H2O Mellon

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    I have one within 150 yards of where I'm sitting at. The cops are there weekly & that is not a lie, but nothing ever happens. These guys even told our neighbor that they are into drugs & didnt want her visting their house, she was trying to get them to come to church w/ her. They smoke pot ouside on a nightly basis plus whatever drugs they are into.
  18. flathunter

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    Get this I saw a neighbor at two in the morning packing the bed rails of a tractor trailor full of bags of white powder, hum wonder what that was!..I called the cops and they told me I had to have more proof than that?????????
  19. Lets not forget that for every lazy/crooked cop out there,there are dozens of honest hard working men and women officers layin it on the line and tryin to make a differance everyday.

    I personally know several city officers and afew county sheriff deputys,these guys would jump at the chance to bust a trailor like that.even if they were wrong it`s that one chance they could be right.