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  1. ezbite

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    is it me or is there a larger than normal population of crickets this year? seems like anytime ive been outside this last month, im seeing crickets jumping out of my way. even outside at work im seeing them. anyone else notice this or is it me?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    When I cut my grass Wed morning I didn't really pay a lot of attention to it. But since you brought it up, I did see more than usual. They were all over my sidewalk and crawling up the foundation when I passed by with the mower.

  3. here in Walbridge are we don't seem to have many ,,I don't know if it is because it has been so dry..but they are hard to find around here
  4. I have noticed alot around the pond. When I pull weeds I leave them in a pile. The next evening after work I flip the piles and give the fish a treat:)
  5. snake69

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    I know I've seen an easy 10x amount of crickets in the garden. In years past, I could go out and rarely see any. Now, every time I go to the garden, I see literally hundreds!! Don't know why, but maybe someone with knowledge on that subject will explain to all of us...:confused:
  6. My son and I hit the weed piles tonight and caught at least 30 with twice that many getting away. I missed the feeding frenzy while I was getting another beer:)
  7. shroomhunter

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    Mother nature provided a bumper crop of crickets to feed the bumper crop of toads because we had a drought and there weren't many mosquitos. I have no idea why we had a bumper crop of toads but they are everywhere.
  8. Toxic

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    I could send ours down your way if you'd like? ;)