cricket anyone?

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  1. found these cricket "shells" while working the banks at Rush Run. They were on a stump about 30 yards from shore and only on one stump. Kind of wonder if someone did not put them there? Can't say I remember seeing many crickets that far out.

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  2. Those are dragonfly exuviae. They are the skins of the aquatic larvae, shed as they crawl out of the water to become winged adult dragonflies. Looks like an Anax species to me.

  3. jennis9

    jennis9 Fish against the fish...

    that is a cool post - I would have thought those were crickets too.
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    Fishman Catch bait???

    Eugine hit the nail on the head! I've saw algae mats covered with 100's of these things. Cool critters!!
  5. interesting, i wondered if they were actual crickets or something else.