Crestliner "Sportsman" Alum. Boats?

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  1. I saw some of these at Rav. Mar. last week in 16 and 18 foot models. (They were closed.) Absolutely one of the deepest, widest, no frills tiller boats I've ever seen. Does anyone have one and what do you think of it? Also, where do you use it?
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    check out the new starcraft freedom 18. very deep and wide. vics may have one on hand.

  3. I have a 16' Crestliner Sportsman and I don't have any complaints about it. I use it in the Sandusky bay over by the bridges and around the Bass Islands. I put a 25hp Honda 4-stroke on it and I'm very pleased with this rig. It's by no means a luxury outfit, but it gets the job done nicely. It has a guaranteed for life welded hull. No rivits. I can recomend one highly.
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    There's an 18 ft on e bay with 5 hours left. brand new and looks like a good price....
  5. Crestliner makes a very good boat. I've had their 16 ft Canadian and now have an 1850 Canadian. Bought both of them at Ravenna Marine--Very good people to do business with.
  6. I have an 1850 Canadian as well. Love the boat.
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    I really like the Crestliner boats and though abput getting one before I got the Lund. But I seen several with cracked/broken stringers and one with the aluminum torn on the corner of the transom from the hull flexing (probably a bad stringer again).
    Do they have that issue fixed now?
  8. If you are going to get a Crestliner, and do not have a dealer in mind please check out Mcguire Creek Marine on Leesville Lake. Jerry and Aaron will take good care of you.
  9. Had the 14' Canadian, loved that boat, now have the 16' Fish Hawk, bought from Ravenna Marine, love this boat. Ravenna Marine was very good to me.