Crennel must go TODAY

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Reellucky, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. When Oh when will this Town wake up from it's long nap!!!
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    Something has got to change and not the QB. Quinn is it. Granted he has looked the best and DA did hit Edwards (DROPPED AGAIN).

  3. It is 3:37pm and I guess it is over. I turned it off the radio in disgust as they were bringing in DA.:( So Edwards dropped another one? Whats new?
    As noted in the Thread Title,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Romeo must go", along with the whole coaching staff as well as the offensive and defensive coordinators. Add to that Phil Savage plus a number of non-team players and and start all over again but with a coach that has some offensive experience and the ability to select competent staff.
    Guess I should have made this shorter by saying clean house.
  4. And to think I used to complain about Dennis "Stonehands" Northcutt...
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    I'm sorry the managment (Owner) Will wake up when the Fans stop buying tickets !!! As long as they keep selling out every year No One cares !! Not the Players Not the coaching Staff ! The Browns have been a joke ! I'm sorry ! That is Why I refuse to Even go to One game !!

    I wonder what Oh Romeo will say went wrong this week ????????

    The sure where a lot of empty seats after half time today !! And half way thru the Fourth it was all Orange !! Empty Seats !
  6. as a big browns fan it was nice to see everyone leave with 10 minutes left.
    lets me know Im not alone in how I feel about this team. The problem is they showed last year that they have more than enough talent to be competitive but they make so many stupid mistakes every single game. I think for years the browns were just bad, now they are a good team who is poorly coached.

    bye bye phil and romeo.....enter bill cowher.....
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    I noticed alot of empty seats today, while watching on tv. What exactly was the game plan today?
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    Lions fans are finally getting it and sending the message at the box office.
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    Wounder what would it take to bring [​IMG] back home?
  10. Cowher or not, the Browns just need someone to come in there and instill discipline.
  11. Poor tackling, ineffective receivers (drops/poor patterns), lackluster play, disgruntled players.......
    The common denominator to this mess is "management"! I agree that we need a house cleaning, & at this point, I have to think that includes Phil Savage...his recent email incident should NEVER be an issue at his level of management, the Winslow episode was poorly handled, & as good as many of his player acquisitions have been, he has made some equally poor decisions. We will get a fraction of what we would have last year for the vastly over rated DA, thanks to Phil dramatically over paying him based one year...a year where DA was NOT as good as Phil seemed to believe.
    I also noticed that, even though there was ample time to come back & win, the stadium was rapidly emptying. This team is losing the fans & if we don't cut ties to Romeo NOW, we may have the prideful players we have begging to get out. The season is done, coach by committee the rest of the season, but at least send the message to your players by getting rid of the head coach now. Chud MAY be salvageable as OC.
    I have been a Browns fan over 50 years, but if RAC is coach here next year, I am DONE!....I sincerely mean this.
  12. base salaries on performance. you drop a pass or fumble the ball your pay is docked. culepepper gets a million dollar bonus if he throws 5 touchdown passes in one game.i am a bengals fan but i got lewis on my fantasy team.i do think they should build that team around quinn. i think he is the future of that team. i think Mike Holmgren's contract with the seahawks is up after the season right? maybe getting him in cleveland might help.
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    But the Seahawks suck too. Their record is even worse than the Browns.
    I don't know who they should hire, but anyone would be better than Romeo.
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    Cleveland is garbage...glad to see some of you guys are realizing it!!!

  15. I never liked the Crennel hire, but it proves one thing that my dad has told me since I was a kid. You can't be a "player's coach" and win games. You have to discipline guys. There's no way in hell Braylon Edwards would be starting if I were the coach (and I am a Michigan fan). He's embarrassing himself and the organization with his play. If he wasn't such a big name coming out of college, he'd be no different than Quincy Morgan and Antonio Bryant.

    There is no need to get rid of Winslow. He's not a spoiled baby as people seem to think, he's an immature winner. If he's not winning, his immaturity comes out. After the email incident, does anyone have any doubt about whether or not Phil was on the wrong side of the K2/Phil drama?

    It pains me to say it, but Braylon needs to put a different jersey on next year, and Crennel needs to become one of those waving mascots for a furniture store or something. I'd buy a couch from him.
  16. I want to start by disagreeing with some of you. Savage is the first guy we've had in DECADES that has an idea of how to acquire players. When is the last time ANYONE in the organization has payed attention to the OL? He got rid of the over payed jackasses we had on the DL. We were all ready to anoint Braylon the next Paul Warfield after last season. Remember, e-mails sometimes take on a tone which was never intended. I just don't see trashing Savage for some pansy @$$^% incidents that have no bearing on anything but drama that I could care less about. I want to win. It may take a little longer than everyone wants but we are on the right track for once. Yes he has made mistakes. The biggest IMHO was not trading Anderson before the draft last year. Savage risked ignoring his poor play in the second half of last year and banked on him doing well. Now, instead of at least a 1st round pick, we'll get maybe a 4th.

    Now for what I agree with and what the thread title states. RAC must go soon. Not necessarily right now but at least when the season is over. I had serious doubts about his hire and they have proved correct. The reason he has a fistful of rings to show is he helped very good head coaches in very good organizations. The players loved him but they had to ultimately answer to someone else if their play or attitude wasn't up to expectations. Romeo hasn't established the discipline needed to win consistently, thus the up and down again team. I hate to say it but Cower is just what the Browns as an organization need. If not him, someone young they feel has those qualities. a young Paul Brown would be nice. The Browns need that aura of class and dignity the old championship teams of the 50's and early 60's had. The Patriots had that until Spygate. I have no use for cheaters and their era will always be tarnished with shame. I also don't want Cower if he comes back as a sideshow called The Chin and rests on his prior accomplishments. A refreshed, serious, and hungry Cower that feels some loyalty toward the organization he stated with would be a welcome addition indeed.
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    Well put Steve! I hope we can get Cowher and he steals away Lebeau from the Steelers to be the defensive coordinator and then we are really on the right track.

    Savage is a great evaluator of talent. He is right more often than he is wrong and he deserves to remain in position and see how they do with a good coach(someone with a record of winning as a head coach). I hope we don't see another project of some former coodinator who might be a good one.

    If I were Savage I would:

    - fire Crennel and all of the coaching staff immidiately after the final game
    - Hire Cowher or Shottenheimer {NO Brian Billick!!!! }
    - try to trade DA for a 4th or 5th rounder(he is dead weight and an expensive backup and the sooner he is off the roster the sooner his salary cap impact will be gone
    - try to trade Winslow for a 1st or 2nd rounder(drama, issues, bad attitude "me" guy
    - If Edwards is not a free agent then trade him for whatever draft pick you can get
    - look to trade down in the 1st round of the draft to acquire an extra pick and begin adding more "good" young talent to the roster. The McGinests of the league are not going to win us a championship.
  18. We need another CB and some animals at LB on D. I could live without K2 if we got a good pick for him. We're pretty strong at TE. I haven't given up on Edwards yet but I'm close. Losing Juravicious (sp) hurt more than it was let on and I just can't figure out where Stallworth is. A more powerful center wouldn't hurt either. Also J. Lewis looks slow this year. Those runs he was getting 3 to 4 yds on last year are only 1 to 2 this year. Bottom line is we have a ways to go but at least we are making real progress now.
  19. has anyone ever thought to try and put braylon at DB? I mean honestly what is a DB? a wide receiver that can't catch. K2 should be moved to wideout, they should clear the way for jerome harrison, fire crennel and finish the season playing for a pick. I know we still have 4 games to go, but a high pick can be a good thing. there are teams that would trade good players for a high draft pick.
  20. there are definatly more problems than just one draft pick can fix. if they can get a few higher picks for the sorry players then so be it because if they get some actual talent from the draft that has some potential and can get some coaches that will help young talent develop then i think there may be a chance...but we'll see haha