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    Hey everyone. Just wanted to get some information on the creeks in the Troy and Tipp City Area. I just moved up there last year at the tail end of the season and then got deployed to Iraq, so I did not get to do too much exploring. Now my wife is working second shift so I am with the kids after work. My son is eleven and I would like to take him to a creek to catch some smallies, but all of the creeks I know of are down south where I used to live. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you do not want to post on the thread you can just PM me. Thanks everyone.
  2. The Great Miami, while not a creek, is smallie heaven.

    Bigger creek, up north of Piqua a bit is the Loramie Creek. Can be great fishing. Feeds into the GMR. Drive up by Lockington and scope it out. Doesn't get real deep, trails run up and down it. Had some great days on that little piece of water over the years.

  3. Hey Creeksmallie. A little further drive North to Sidney is Mosquito Creek that dumps into the GMR by the ball diamonds on ST RT 47. Smallies and rockies are fairly abundent. Kids usually have a ball fishing there. Theres a really nice park there that has a walking/biking trail the pretty much follows the creek.