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Creeks around Rocky Fork State Park

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bdrape, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Hey Guys, I am an avid reader and occasional poster on the Northeast reports board and I am seeking some info on fishable, (preferrably for smallmouth or spotted base) creeks around Rocky fork. My family is meeting there for a family campout and my Brothers and I usually go out for a day of wading. We are strictly catch and release fishermen and we do not want your special honey hole. I was just wanting some access points that are near the park. We are willing to walk to get the fish. We also don't need to catch a trophy, but are interested in a scenic stretch of creek.

    Thanks in advance for any info that you all can provide. I will be happy to return the favor with info on my home river, the Cuyahoga, if anyone gets up this way (Akron).

  2. Dingo


    You will probably want to take a short trip to paint creek, since most of the creek directly below rocky fork is off-limits -- posted no trespassing and strickly enforced. Was a decent spring walleye fishery back when you could fish from the bridge below the dam to the base of the dam. Going downstream a bit from the spillway will put you on some nice water with a varying fishery, from flatheads to carp to saugeye to bass (large and small). It's been a while since I fished down there, so others can probably give you a better idea of access points.

    Also, check out some canoeing/kayacing books (I have one that covers all streams in that area) at a library, bookstore, or online to get a good idea of available access points.

    Some time spent on paint creek of the lower end of rocky fork (where it meets with paint creek) should provide some good experiences.

  3. I fished Rocky Fork Creek from a kayak over the weekend. I fished the area just upstream from Paint Creek. This area is about 20-30 min. from Rocky Fork State Park. I did not find any smallies, but the rock bass and spots were all over my tube!
  4. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    Speaking of books, one that I have found to be decent...although a little dated is

    Canoeing and kayaking Ohio's streams : an access guide for
    paddlers and anglers / Rick Combs and Steve Gillen.

    This one is from 1994 and was found at my local library. Combs also wrote a similar book in 1983.

    Other than that, I am not much help on the Rocky Fork area...I am down on the Ohio River.

    If I remember correctly, it lists sections of the creeks and rivers and species of fish in the well as access points as the title suggests :)

  5. Dingo


    Yep. I have the Combs book. Good river access guide. It states:

    The rocky fork starts slowly in its descent from rocky fork lake to paint valley woth a series of long pools punctuated by shallow, turning riffles. The gradient increases gradually, and the current quickens downstream.....

    About 3/5 miles downstream from the 753 bridge, soon after pickett rin empties into the creek on river right, is an old milldam that must be portaged (hmmm, might be fishable).

    Access points: At bridge directly below the dam (although I think this area is posted above and below -- check with a local), at rte 753, and milldam remnants down 1st road on the right off rte 50 past rte 753-north. Just to the north of where rocky fork goes below rte 50 is the confluence of paint creek and rocky fork -- worth checking out if not posted.
  6. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    I fished aat the old mill and have never even got a hit. I never even seen a carp jump. I could have just been me though. :rolleyes: