creek chubs

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by yonderfishin, May 14, 2008.

  1. Does anybody know of a good place to catch creek chubs in or near Findlay ? I am thinking of trying them for bait since there are no shiners available nearby.
  2. just about every small creek you see will have them in their tnhy are a great fish pretty durable to

  3. Hey yonder there is a bait shop in town that have some bait fish, worms, wax worms. It is an older lady that is blind off of center street. I have been there several times this year already. She has really good prices and is open at almost any time. Just have to ring the bell.
  4. Are you fellows netting them or fishing for them?
    If fishing, what do you find is the best bait to use?
  5. try using wax worms,maggots,or bread with a small hook.
  6. I used to catch them as a kid in michigan all the time on just worms, but I happened to live right next to a creek with a deep hole in it, Id catch chubs all day long with the occasional bluegill and brook trout now and then. I learned to fish with shiners down south but all that is available around here are minnows and they are usually on the small side. I am thinking that walleye would like a 3 to 5 inch chub or shiner.