Creek Chubs on Paint Creek ROCK!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bronzebackyac, May 29, 2007.

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    Well we decided to float a section of Paint Creek that we usually don't do that great on after a tip from a fellow kayaker. We got on the water early and within a half hour it got hot. I managed to score about 4 dozen nice chubs for the trip, so we were floating them through holes with some great luck. I caught two 17.5'' smallies, a 16'' smallie and a 15'' smallie. The two guys with me each caught a 15''er too. The 16 incher was caught on a live craw, but all others were caught on the chubs. This was the best overall day for me on any area creek. I felt like I was dreaming after the two 17.5 inchers and then I caught the 16 and could not believe it. The funny thing was that I only caught one fish all day on artificial. It was a dink smallie on a clown X-rap. We also managed 3 crappie a few saugeye and some dink smallies and KY spots.
    Lots of memories on Memorial Day. I will try to get the pics off of my cell phone, but I don't know if I can or not.