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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by steelheadBob, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. steelheadBob

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    Went down to fish the hoga today but was a little muddy for me so i went to a nice feeder creek that i know and drifted minnows at the mouth and got into some nice cats.. Drifted minnows on bottom 3-4 feet down. got about 15 cats and kept a hand fool... God i love catching them on a noodle rod!

  2. neocats1

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    Nice string of catfish. Congrats.

  3. Nice fish.Ill have to try it with a noodle rod.
  4. very nice fish. im headin down to the hoga here in a lil bit but i havent done well with cats.
  5. nice catch love driftin for them, normally earlier in the year on the chagrin...and they are good mmmm :)
  6. steelheadBob

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    Thanks............. But i should of took something, the FISHBASKET. I also caught a crap load of nice bluegill and avg.size crappie, and 2 sheephead... But ill take what i can get... i walked about 2 miles to get to the deeper holes of the creek, thats were the bigger cats were hanging out. It was a cool walk up tinkers, seen about 8 deer, two beavers, one fox and a couple of hawks. and some guy on a 4 wheeler that scared the crap out of me... The cats are hitting really good along the hoga in the deep holes up were the water cuts up under the banks and on the bends!!!!!!1
  7. Sounds like a riot. Catching cats is plain old fashioned fun.
  8. Great catch and I'm sure it was a blast. One question, can you eat fish out of the Hoga?
  9. Nice day fishing. I'm looking to stock some cats in my pond. Maybe they'll eat some of the bull heads I have?
  10. steelheadBob

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    they say 1 meal a month
  11. Nice string of fish Bob! Bet they were fun!!!
  12. hey bob Tinker's empties into the hoga right near valley view correct? Ive only been down that far once and really dont know the area well at all.
  13. steelheadBob

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    :D :D yea, they have limited the parking buy the bridge, but your still able to get down to the creek
  14. I was looking at tinkers on google maps the other day and it looked like the spot where it runs into the 'hoga is all private property. Did I miss something? (very likely)
  15. steelheadBob

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    There are some homes along the creek but i always waded along the bank and no one ever said any thing to me, a couple of people came to see if i was catching anything. almost all of the south side of the creek belongs to the city and parks, and theres a golf course about 3-4 miles up!!