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Headed out to my fav. creek for a very long wade on 6/8 and got into a good amount of smallies and a few variety species!
1 Kentuck. Spot
A few Rockbass
Ridiculous amounts of sunfish
1 Foul Hooked Gar

My brother got a couple smallies and 2 nice saugeye....Oh, and a BIG BOY carp that nailed a pearl white jig :)

Here are a few pics. I stopped taking them after the first few smallies.


I have a few hours to kill after a babyshower so I decide to head down to the old greenlawn. I throw on a bait that I think will invigerate some eyes but instead get slammed twice by flathead cats within 10 casts or so! One was about 6lbs and the other was my PB! It had to have been 18-25 lbs....it took about 15 minutes to get in...the most powerfish I have ever experienced!

I went to the opposite side of greenlawn to try and escape the flathead wrath but hooked another 6 lb. er! 3 flatheads and 1 rockbass in a little over an hour! I feel like such a dope not bringing a stringer or camera!

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nice fish. i fish that area of your fav creek. do abbout the same. but only SM and rock bass. only seem to catch smaller smallies. got one good one out of that area. seen about 3. also saw a school of LM and got one. very small.

also nice cats.
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