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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by wally72, Apr 7, 2005.

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    Just got a call from my credit card company asking me if I had been using my card today to buy CD's and download music to my mp3 player. I don't have one. Someone was using my card. It just makes me sick How someone can steal when I go to work everyday and try to make enough to pay off the dang card. The company said we would not have to pay for anything that we didn't charge. I hate credit cards anyway but they are the only way to get some things. Like makeing a motel res. or ordering something online or buy phone. Anybody ever have this happen to you? wally72
  2. There seems to be more of it lately and there was a post not too long ago with several people experiencing problems. Fortunately the credit card companies are doing a pretty good job of detecting improper purchases in many cases. In fact I got a call once from the credit card company asking if I had made purchases in the last few days from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Canada. It turned out that I had made the purchases but it really made me feel better that the company noticed that this was an unusual sequence of purchases. If you do a search of thread here you will probably find the recent post. People provided several examples that may be of interest to you.

  3. Here is the most recent thread that I was remembering.

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    i wish they would crank up the penalties for these sort of crimes. credit card theft, identity theft, etc.

    with everything computerized nowadays and the way they can track everything (legitimately and with spyware and stuff) feels like were all vulnerable to be scammed. :(
  5. Man I'm sure glad they caught if for ya, lots of people are not so lucky.
    I saw a special on 60 Minutes or some show like that about a kid who was only 15 and had bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff on other peoples credit cards. Even bought a car from a police station!
  6. Yeah Wally, that sucks. Really makes me not want to have a credit card but with the bills I got, unfortunately I have to have one. And every time you use it, another person or potentially several other persons could buy things if they were so inclined. I can't really think of what could be done other than to give credit card criminals the death penalty via firing squad. We need to send a message loud and clear. There seems like there should be a way to make using credit cards safer from criminals???
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    I agree, there needs to be tougher penalties. I don't know what the answer is but it seems like everytime you need to do something they want your ss# and your life story. Our bank is keeping a eye on our checking account just to make sure nothing is going on there to. Not that they would get much. I tried to talk my wife into letting charge a new lund boat before we canceled the card but she said they would figure out it was me. I thought it was worth a try. I guess you just have to keep a close eye on your statements to see if everything is allright. Thanks for the feedback it makes me feel better to know other people feel the same way I do. Thanks Wally
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    When my oldest son graduated he went to Florida with some friends my wife gave him our calling card so he could check in. He called us from Disneyland the second day he was there it was the end of the billing month for our phone and when my wife got the bill she never noticed a few extra call from Florida to New York and California and paid the bill. When we got the bill the following month she about had a heart attack it was for over $8.000 dollars when we talked to the phone company about it they told use some one had probably videotaped him punching in to code number from far away over his shoulder. Because the first call after he hung up after calling us was less that 5 minutes later and to New York. When they checked in to the current month it was all ready up to $3.000 dollars. They told us we would not have to pay the bill. Most of the calls were too private residences so they said they would be able to catch the ones that were using the card. They would charge the people called it they did not tell them who was using it. Turned out they had posted the number on a college message board. I do not know if they were ever caught? But I am glad we did not have to pay that bill. When using a calling card in a public place keep it out of site and keep the keypad covered when you punch in the numbers