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Credit card fraud/theft

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishzilla, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. The wife got a call from the bank today about a couple of irregular transactions. Apparently Wed. someone snagged a little over $700 from our account. :mad: Of course it was too late and we will have to wait 30 to 60 days to get that money back. :mad: I am so mad I can't stand it. Now I'll be bouncing rubber all over the state and will I get a break on the bounced check charges? NO!! :mad: I would love to get my hands on the low-life s.o.b. and give him a nice country ass whippin'. The bright side is that the moron paid a mortgage broker with one of the transactions. I'm thinking they should be able to catch the jackarse if he made his house payment. NICE GOING LOSER!!!!!!! Man do I hate a thief. :mad:
  2. i feel for ya...the bank will wave all bounced check fee's but the people you wrote the checks to won't
    i had a guy buy airline tickets with my cc...after he got back from cancun they told me they couldn't catch him...????wtf????
    i told them to stand at the gate and and nail him...wasent there thing because the cincinnati airport is in ky
    good luck on will take some time but you'll get your money back
    one other thing... if they ran the money thru your debit card you'll get the money back quick...and almost all debit cards have $0 liabilty for frad

  3. Thanks for the info bigjohn. It was a debit card so maybe it will work out quickly. Here's hoping!
  4. The law on liability with a debit card depends on when the fraud is reported. If it is within two business days, your liability is $0. Often the bank will waive it anyways. I'd also talk to the other merchants and explain my situation. Most of them will waive it as well. I'd get a police report if I were you and report the case to the FTC also.
  5. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    I hope they catch him and throw his butt in the slammer. And a nice fine, too. Theft is so dang despicable....Do you have any suspicion on how they got your number? This type of theft is one that I fear the most because of all the damage and headaches it causes.

    I hope you get everything straightened out ok.

    If you get charged any fees ask to see a manager and give him/her a friendly explanation of what happened, they will drop the fees (hopefully). It has worked for me every time Ive been charged a fee (3 times).
  6. I think I have it figured out how it happened. Have any of you clicked on the free I.Q. test pop-up on this site? Well I did and my computer went nuts. I had to delete 7 spyware downloads from my computer that just appeared there. My explorer browser has a new default homepage and every time I start that browser it goes to the land of pop-ups and they re-install themselves on my computer. Anyone know how to change the default home page on internet explorer? I don't really use that browser and I can't remember how. Anyway to the mods- is it possible that some of these pop-up advertisers on this site are crooks?
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    Our advertising network here is safe, as we only use reputable outside advertising networks, neither of which allow for spyware. There is no way the credit card fraud you experienced is related in any way to the advertisements here on OGF. We are sorry for your misfortune, but it is not related to our advertisements.
  8. i can say this..lately almost every time im on here my computer goes to a blank screen w/ a picture of an enter button on here..i hit enter nothin happens an have to reboot every time it happens
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    "Anyone know how to change the default home page on internet explorer?"

    Go to "My Computer", then "Control Panel", then "Internet Options".

    It should pop up to the "general" tab and the first item is "Home Page" and that is where you set your home page.

    Make sure to hit "apply".

    Hope that does it.
  10. Roger-thanks for the input. I feel alot better. I mean afterall, this is my second home :D

    Argee-the same thing is happening to me

    Hardwater- I'll give it a try thanks