Creating a few tournaments of our own?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Kastmaster93, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Kastmaster93

    Kastmaster93 Cleveland based fisherman

    Hey everyone, i was thinking about how few tournaments there are around here, and was thinking maybe some of us on OGF could possibly start a few tourneys of our own. we could organize them, pick the lakes and rules and everything. I truly think this would work if enough people decided to participate. I would LOVE to here from anyone ASAP about anything reguarding this idea. We should give it a shot. Thanks for reading, hope to here from you soon. good fishing
  2. i'd enter if such an event were created.

  3. Walleye Mafia

    Walleye Mafia Proud Walleye Addict

    Are you looking to have the tourney's for any specfic fish???
  4. i think it is a great idea. and would be willing to help . and or fish but must have a co-angler divison as i am boatless
  5. Capt.Muskey

    Capt.Muskey Ohio Fishing Militia

  6. yeah lets put more pressure on the fish ! that would be great!
  7. You're right V-dog, what were we thinking, maybe we should all just quit fishing that way there would be no pressure on the fish.NOT!

  8. JF1


    I'd be in 100%. And I like the idea of a co-angler division. None of the local clubs in the NE have a co-angler division that I know of. And although I do have a boat, co-angler allows you to meet new people and make new friendships!
  9. Yes, co-angler division sounds great, i'm 19 and without a boat. Okay, so how are we going to get this thing started? What fish, what lake, what date? Mr. Kastmaster, i believe it's up to you to start this thing up :)
  10. Let's refrain from the personal attacks and political attempts. The conversation in this thread is about interest in forming some tournaments. There was no request for everyone's criticism of tournaments themselves. If you have nothing to contribute to the intended topic then nothing needs to be said.
  11. PapawSmith

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    V-dog may only have a two post life span here.
    I think some OGF tournys would be great. Especially Father/Child or adult/child tourneys. You don't see alot of those, but I think they would be great. Bet Big daddy would be for that. I certainly would participate in any OGF tourny I could.
  12. just trying to think about quality fisheries from a management standpoint thats all. that said i appologize for being rude. anyway I would be game for ice fishing tournaments this winter!
  13. fishingredhawk

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    What a great first post! Negative right off the start.
  14. Kastmaster93

    Kastmaster93 Cleveland based fisherman

    Ya guys, i really think this could work!! thanks for the responses. Maybe we could get one in, like one to start things off before winter, and ice fishing tourneys would sound good as well. I appreciate everyones input and hopefully it will keep coming in as we get more specific. i was thinking like mosquito walleye or catfish, or any combination of the 2, Ladue bass and/or walleye, Pymatuning possibly for walleye. I reallly am excited so please keep adding ideas and hopefully we will start this up! prizes and such this should be great. Thanks again for the input, and keep it coming as we continue to set 'er up!
  15. Ours does!
  16. allwayzfishin

    allwayzfishin just 1 more cast!!!

    HEY ITS STEELHEAD SEASON! for like the next 4 months, so whose game,pm me.
  17. Kastmaster93

    Kastmaster93 Cleveland based fisherman

    please throw out ideas on how to get started and such. i think we should definately have a tournament before winter. keep replying!
  18. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    There's plenty of Bass fishing tournaments/trails throughout the Summer, NOAA, Lakes, X-Series,etc. And numerous Bass clubs to go along with the trails. I'd be interested in an ice tournament or mabey a Walleye tournament on a smaller lake.

    I'd get some more info before you take this idea further. Talk to a current tournament director, there a few good ones on here. I had a similar idea a few years ago and didn't know the half of it! It's not a simple as getting 50 people, weighing fish and handing out checks to the winners.
  19. Capt.Muskey

    Capt.Muskey Ohio Fishing Militia

    How about Saturday November 1st, Mosquito Lake, Causeway Ramp for take-off and weigh-in. Co-angler, single, father/son, boat or shore fishing. $10 bucks per species, per person.
    Walleye, best 5
    Crappie, best 5
    Catfish, best 5
    $5 - Big fish pot per species
    Start time 7:30am to 3:30pm
    Cook-out/Meet&greet afterwards in the big building at Causeway.

    Still need a name for the tourny, and some sponsers to donate awards.

    OK, this is just an Idea. I open to whatever.
  20. Capt. Muskey, I would do the tournament that you just posted. Anybody else?