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  1. I had the kayak out Fri. at GMR and witnessed some strange carp behavior. The river is covered with cottonwood (white cottony substance you see floating in the air this time of year), so as I pull up to a log jam you can see this stuff just packed on the surface in front of the jam. There must have been 8-20 carp devouring huge mouthfulls of the cottony treat. Some probably in the 10+lb range. Was wondering if anyone had ever seen anything like this before? As for the real fish..... the smallies are on their beds! I caught 13 total in about 3hrs. No real hogs but 3 went over 17in. Some would have other smallies follow them in when I was fighting them. Great time to be out now. Good luck all!!
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    They feed like that normally. Sounds like I need to make a trip down that way and thin them out...LOL

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    Carp feed on the surface regularly,esp in areas where"foam" piles up ,like in eddies,logjams etc. They also feed heavily on mulberries and insects. I catch them off the top on my flyrod when the opportuny presents itself.
    Dude,be nice to the fish,leave them alone when they are spawning. That's our future fishery your messin' with ! Every time you hook one of those nice fish the sunfish and minnies zip in and eat the eggs,or worse, a carp will suck 'em up in a second.I used to do that when I was young but saw what the other fish were doing so now I just chase other species for a few weeks at the end of May.In Ohio that aint hard,we got great fishing all over and the white bass fishing has been good this yearTC!
  4. Crazy Carp tournament at Winton Woods Lake Saturday 6/14
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    Do you have any info on it?
  6. We used to catch carp up there left and right. The funny thing was that we would just use bread balls and the carp would eat it up. At night up there before the park closes we would float bread on a hook and tear them up. A little advice before you go out and buy bread and head up there, its has to be butternut bread, seems to be the only one to stay on the hook. Im not b-sing anyone, butternut does the trick
  7. TimJC, go to click on the recreation link, then in the drop down menu click fishing and then in the sub menu on the right hand side you'll see a link to fishing tournaments brochure.

    The lake tends to flood pretty easy this year. So you might want to give the boathouse a call first thing in the morning 513-931-1849 to confirm it's still on after this series of storms tonight.

    Carp Crazy at Winton Woods
    Winton Woods Lake is full of mean-old carp waiting
    to stretch your line! If carp are your specialty, don’t
    miss out on your chance to compete against the area’s
    top carp catchers. This is a no-limit showdown to
    prove who is the Carp King. Entry fees are $30.00
    per two-person team which includes boat rental.

    June 14 WW Carp Crazy 7 AM - 1 PM