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Craziest, Funny, or Entertaining Catfish Stories

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by swohioangler, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I am interested in anyones crazy, funny, or wildly entertaining catfish stories
  2. I'm not a catfisherman, but caught a lot of accidental cats while fishing for other species, especially in Iowa, where I grew up. Over the years, I caught a ton of cats while crappie fishing a favorite gravel pit/pond with an ultra-light or light-action rod-- the "small" cats were 7-8 pounds, the "average" ones around 10-12 pounds, and the occasional "big" ones around 45-50 inches long (25 pounds). And I almost always landed them on my ultralight because it absorbed the shock of the fish and wouldn't let them snap my six pound test.

    But my favorite accidental cats were while I was bass fishing. I once caught a 6-7 pound channel cat that blew up my buzzbait while bass fishing the Des Moines river. And, of course, I caught my biggest ever catfish ("Oscar") on a RATTLETRAP!? I thought I had on the bass of my life but pulled in a 45 pound blue cat that the farmer had nicknamed "Oscar"-- got it to drag belly in the shallows and tried to pull it on shore by the tail, but he won the wrestlin match.

  3. Wow, that is exciting hooking into a cat when fishing for other species. I remember when I was very young the "hot" lure was a sonic rooster tail. I was very much a young bass fisherman and was relentless about using this lure for hours on end. Well, there was more than one instance where I successfully hooked into a couple of nice channel catfish while fishing this lure. In fact, landing those catfish was what sparked my curiosity and introduced me to a lifetime of targeting this species.
  4. My buddy and I do a LOT of fishing at the reservoir in Springfield. We were fishing with a young man we know and he hooked a fish (more to follow).

    I was on the other end of the boat and only got a glimpse of his fish and honestly thought it was a cat, as he brought it into the boat, the young man said "What kind of fish IS this?". My buddy was on the other end of the boat and said "it's a largemouth, just lip him". The next thing I heard was "OUCH!". I then knew without turning around that he had hooked a walleye. It was pretty funny. He had 3 tiny punctures in his thumb that would help him to later remember to inspect the business end of the fish before taking any flippant advice from fellow anglers.

    Later, we saw a beaver shoot into the water off the bank and I said "Hey, if you catch that and he tells you it's a largemouth, my recommendation is that you don't try to lip it!".

  5. I took a buddy some 20 years ago and another guy to a farm pond in Ky where the catfish always hit like a freightrain. I told my buddy he had to really watch his rod or they would pull it in. Sure enough a few minutes later I heard his tacklbox rattle as his rod got jerked straight into the pond. A few min later my rod went down and I set the hook and fought in a scrapy 3lb channel....with his rod attached!

    I was sitting there not 5 minutes later doing the old "I TOLD YOU SO" about his rod and I'll be danged if my rod didn't polevault straight in as well. I turned and jumped into the pond after that $80 rig and somehow got it and caught the 3-4lb cat with my buddies laughing the whole time.

    I didn't do the "I TOLD YOU SO" anymore after that.

    Good luck
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    LMRsmallmouth LMR Master Angler

    I too caught a nice 20+ inch channel last week bass fishing on the LMR on a Buzzbait. It hit at 5:30AM in the dark and when I heard the blow up I thought I had a wall hanging smallie. I was kinda disappointed at first, but it was a nice fish
    My personal best Flathead was caught bass fishing on a purple plastic worm 4yrs ago. It as about 35 lbs (I didn't weigh it but have pic). Caught it in my buddys pond which is loaded with big cats from an old pay lake.
    Funny thing is, I got a short catfish "bug" and went pay laking about 10 times that year to try and catch a bigger one. Never caught one over 28lbs again, and I was fishing live gills. Maybe I should have put the purple worm back on at the paylake...hehe
  7. I was fishing Ceasars Creek near Roxanna New Burlington for white bass in the Spring. I was using light tackle, four lb test and a small silver and blue cleo spoon (someone told me it worked good for white bass). I cast about 20 foot down stream and brought it past a down branch and WHAM! After a fairly quick fight it nears the shore and a buddy reached in and quickly pulled his hand out and said "that thing has teeth!" We gilled it and got it out. It was about 25"-30" saugeye. It was pure excitement but it sucked cause we didn't have a camera, scale or anything.
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    When I was a kid we used to be scared of the cats because they "stung" you...we weren't real good at avoiding those fins. My first hit came when I was about 10 and my brother pulled up a big ole' cat about 5 pounds (on a cane pole! those were the days!) and I was afraid it would slide back into the water so I grabbed it, and it finned me good--at first I just looked at the little slice on my hand, then..5, 4, 3, ,2, 1!!! It exploded with stinging, burning pain, and I yowled so loud you could have heard me in the next county. And old black man fishing on the other side of the pond came running over and said "child, rub the cut place on the fish's belly! Here, I'll hold him--that's right, rub it on his belly." Well the pain stopped like you had flipped a switch. It was completely gone. I've had it explained to me since then that there is a poisonous substance on the fins that causes that awful burning in the cut--but the skin of the cat contains a neutralizer, because otherwise the fish's skin would sting too. I'm an idiot, so I've had to do that a few times since then :eek: . Always works--and I've never seen it posted on this forum, so y'all remember that, the next time one "gets 'ya"--just rub the finned place on the cat's belly....:)
  9. I've got a couple:

    Several years ago I was doing the paylake thing before I learned of the unethical practices of some. My friend and our girlfriends arrived at one of these places after dark and it was pretty crowded but we managed to find a really nice spot. After several hours not catching anything and dozing off a couple of times I decided to change my technique. I turned on my flashlight to dig into my tacklebox and it was full of MAGGOTS! In fact they were everywhere! on me, my poles, bait, ME it was like something out of a nightmare. Turned out we'd set up camp next to a barrel full of fish guts.
  10. A friend and I decided to take a trip down to the Ohio River for some big cats. Having never been before we figured we'd just pull up somewhere and fish. I turned out there was very little public access after dark but we found a spot after a couple of hours of driving and started to fish. It got pretty late and my buddy fell asleep. I was bored and thought I'd have a little fun with him. He didn't drink so I piled a bunch of empty beer cans on and around him, taking pictures in his slouching slumber. We were using creek chubs for bait so I put a live one in his liter of Aquafina. He finally woke about an hour later and we got a chuckle out of the beer cans piled on him. we packed up and headed home. He never noticed the chub and it was making me crazy. I kept making comments about being thirsty, talked about being stuck in the desert, etc. trying to get him to take a sip but the drink just stayed beside him, the creek chub still alive. The following weekend I went to grab my gear for another outing when I noticed a strange odor coming from my tacklebox, sure enough he had found the creek chub and left it in the top try of my Plano.
  11. pendog66

    pendog66 It swims its bait

    i was up at the lake walking in the shallows with my sister catching crawdads we went into deeper water when she started screaming and crying she lifted her foot up and it ends up she stepped on a dead channel cat and the top spine went all the way through her foot. I cant imagine the pain she was in
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    My buddy held the flashlight with his mouth...then realized we had been handling chicken liver and holding the flashlight. He shot the flashlight out of his mouth and into the lake. Then commenced to vomiting. I laughed my ass off, waided out and got the flashlight (it was waterproof). Alcohol was a factor.
  13. I was fishing in the islands of CJ early summer in 2001 or 2002 by myself in a newly purchased jon boat. I was fishing close to goose island, aligned with the island but about 30 yards west.

    A couple other guys were in a small jon boat like mine and were beached on the island casting south, back towards the main lake. Well, they were catching them one after another, laughing, cheering, and making me sick! I wasn't catching a thing. I got so tired of seeing them pull in cats one after another, I decided to get away from that area. I had enough.

    I pulled anchor, and turned back north. I ended up behind goose island about 50 - 55 yards north (of GI) and was fishing east towards the channel. I casted out, decided I would only stay for another 30 minutes or so, and proceeded to releave myself (#1) out the side of the boat.

    Right in the middle of that, my whole boat shook, I soaked my shorts, and I barely stopped myself from falling out of the boat. I honestly thought I had been rammed by another boat and was dumb founded when I didn't see a boat right next to me. At the same time my boat shook, I heard a splash in the water about 35-40 feet out. I happened to look at my pole and it was teeter tottering on the side of the boat, hooked up by the last bail on my pole. I grabbed the pole, gave it a hard jerk, and heard another big splash out in the water. FISH ON!!!!

    After a 20 minute fight on 8lb test line, I realed it in and turned out to be a really nice cat. I say nice cat, as I'm not sure what type or the exact weight. At that time, I couldn't tell a channel from a blue and my memory of the actually features of the cat have been lost. I tend to think it was a channel, maybe even a bullhead (if we even have bullheads in CJ). Weight wise, I'm guess very conservatively at 10lbs, and could have gone as large as 12. Not a monster, but it was and still is my biggest freshwater catch ever.

    I had a grin from ear to ear, while marveling at the cat for a good 2 minutes. I was handling the cat with gloves on and had ahold on his lower lip. I gave him a short toss back in the water when I was ready to release him, and as I let go of his lower lip he actually bit back down on my thumb in mid air. Kind of like his way of saying, "You didn't get the best of me."

    Awesome memory for me. The only thing that sucks about that story is I was by myself and didn't have a cell phone at that time that could take pictures. O well, I got the memory.
  14. I was seining for bait in a creek once and caught a baby channel cat. Took him home and put him in the aquarium where he lived for 4 years and got too big so I let him go in a friend's pond. It was neat watching him eat - he'd swallow minnows that were 2/3 his size whole! That little fish was WAY better as a pet than any other fish I've owned!
  15. WB185Ranger

    WB185Ranger Gotta Love Odie!

    O.K. heres mine..............happened this past Sat. fishing the Norton tournament at Berlin Lake. We got to our first fishing spot and after only 5 casts, I yelled at my hubby "I got one!!!" I'm fighting this fish and it had weight to it. It made 2 runs under our boat and finally I get it close to breaking water and here is a Big fat catfish. I was like oh man, not what you want to see when your fishing for bass! est. weight 10 lbs. He totally ate my crank bait. WB