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Discussion in 'Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace' started by reel, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Anybody find any worms yet. Or does everyone just go to Bait Dave's or Wally World.

    Ah the good ol days. Dad would say "Get some worms boys were goin fishin in the morning before daylight".

    First we would dig up the back yard where we buried garbage for years, then after dark we would fire up the carbide lamp and head for the neighbors yard to look for night crawlers. Ask permission always, and our first choice would be the neighbor who had just sprinklered their lawn.

    Then we would tear up some newpaper, wet it down, and set the worms in a cool place till morning. Couldn't sleep, it was almost like waiting for Christmas day.

    Ah such nostalgia.

  2. I rember doing that

    soapy water helps too

  3. Yep it has been a while for the Old Man to hunt crawlers. I still manage to find some but the soap is good and so are golf course greens. ;)
  4. It's funny when you walk barefoot at night and feel them squishing under your feet. :D
  5. I recall how we use to take the rake out of the sand traps on golf courses and fill up a 5 gal pail then sale them to a bait shop located on east 49th in cleveland... She'd give us 3 bucks for a 1lb coffee can full and never turned us down...
    My dad made this elec prong that he plugged then stuck one end in the ground and the other about 10ft away... didn't work too well but I could feel a tingle now and then as I recall :eek:
    Can't pick them anymore due to back surgery but you can't beat fresh caught crawlers on ice shrunk down and lively trying to get a hook in them wiggling like crazy...:D
  6. I Had To Laugh When I Read This Post. It Bought Back Some Good Memories. I Remember When My Dad Made My 3 Sisters ,my Brother,and I Go Out And Pick Up Night Crawlers, So He Could Sell Them In The Shop. He Offered A Penny A Piece, Which Was Alot Of Money To Us In Those Days. We'd Get Our Flashlights And Put Red Celephone Over It, So The Bright Light Wouldn't Scare The Worm
    Back In The Hole. I Don't Remember How Many Times The War Was On Between Me And The Worm. It Didn't Want To Come Out Of The Hole And I Wouldn't Let Go. So I Ended Up Only Getting Half Of It. After Taking My Pail Of Worms To My Dad To Get Counted. He'd Find All The Halves Of Worms In My Batch And Refuse To Pay Me For The Parts And Pieces. I Just Couldn"t Understand It. (doesn't Two Halves Make A Whole), Or Sometimes In My Case Three Thirds Make A
    A Whole.
  7. My yards was full of crawlers Sat. night. Brings back a lot of memeories. Almost grabbed a light and a can, but decided I could probably wait a couple more weeks.
  8. Ive been noticing alot of birds in the fields gettin um. Some around the drives but this next rain should makim rise. Last quarter moon. I wonder if the fish will be eatin them!
  9. ..once the ground warms I think we'll be good to go on the crawlers ...
    We watched maybe 25-30 robins in a field today...
  10. i'll pay you a penny a piece. halves don't count!!!! just kidding/
    read my last post i wrote on this subject. Linda
  11. I heard that early season crawlers must be used within the week because they die off easy. The late spring crawlers are the ones that last if cared for properly. Any one able to confirm or deny?

  12. Interesting! I see that they mate when there up but they both are male and female. Both carry reproductive organs. They mate in late spring? :confused:
  13. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    The worms will die easily if you use regular tap water. I always get a bucket of lake water and use it to wet the worm bedding.

    They stay alive all summer if kept cool, wet and fed.
  14. Now need some rain so we can go get some pickn in... :)
    I use to use an old fridge to keep the crawlers in and healthy by diggin a hole then laying it in the ground then placing compost in it from a pile we made by turning over and over with a rototiller till nice and black... Worms loved it and did very well... Prob is the fridge rusted away after about 7-8 years. Next time I'll take it out of the hole till spring ;)
  15. BTW if you set your tap water out for 24 hrs the clorine will no longer be in the water and it will be safe to use...
  16. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    If you add 1 drop of Genesis to 1 gallon of water it will react the chlorine immediately and make it harmless.
    I used tapwater that was aerated for several days with minnows in it and it still killed the worms over the first week.
    Lakewater is still the best.
  17. WOW... I never had any trouble with tap water after letting it sit out overnight...
    and yours was a couple days out too :(
    Your right any lake, river or pond water would be much better...
  18. Purchased the Wal*Mart "Worm Farm" about a month ago.

    Works great. I keep it in the coolest, shady spot on my lot and dug down about a foot and cover with a flat stone.

    Have not lost a crawler yet.

    Before each fishing trip I remove the top half of the soil for easy access, and also add an ice cube to keep them cool.