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    i have a creek close to my house and there is a lot of crawfish there i just cant manage to catch any. i have heard there are traps you can make for them. any help would be appreciated because these are excellent bait.
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    i have never made a crawfish trap myself but i have used the minnow traps that u buy at wal mart with great success just bait it with nightcrawlers bologna whatever u have available crawfish are scavengers and they will eat just about anything.

  3. try dog food in you minnow will be full of crawdads
  4. Take a clear two liter bottle, pull off label and poke several small holes in it. Use a knife to cut off the top of the bottle where the top of the label was and remove the cap. Put your bait and a few stones inside, then take the top you just removed and put the cap end inside the base of the bottle. It will be as if you took a funnel and set it on top of the base of the bottle. Use duct tape, staples or whatever to hold the top in place and to keep whatever gets in there from getting back out.

    I've never tried this but I'm sure it works.
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    just get a crawfish seine which is used like a wire mesh sift used to pan for gold, you just scoop up some rocks and mud from the bank and sift out all the loose debris and then pick your craws out....or use an old minnow seine and have someone walk from upstream down toward your seine...easiest way I know to catch them...or you could use a craw trap...and if you do that, use a can of cat food in it...
  6. u could always wait till the full moon and catch softcraws, using a black light or a low light lantern, and u cant miss them when there shedding there shells, there bright white and really lathargic.
  7. Here's how ya catch them: (I've got three different methods)
    1. Get a plastic gallon milk jug. Cut the jug horizontally at about the midsection to 3/4 of the way near the top. After cutting, you'll have a jug with the top quarter to half removed. Dig a hole in the bottom of the river so the jug fits in the hole. You want the top of the jug (where you made your cut) to be about level with the creek or river bed. Now that the jug is in the hole, bait the jug with whatever, nightcrawler, chicken liver (meat of some sort). The crawdads will go down into the jug to get the bait. Once they get down in the jug, they have a REALLY hard time getting out. (They usually swim straight back, not up, thus, they can't get up and out of the jug).

    2. Here's the second method, wade through a shallow creek or river, and slowly turn the big rocks over. So long as your slow and steady, the crawdads will not swim away. If there is a little current, the current will wash away the silt that comes up after lifting the rock. After the silt disipates, put your hand in the water and sneak up and grab them on the body, just behind their pinchers.

    3. This third way is the EASIEST, and my favorite: Go to the shallow stream or river where you know (or maybe think crayfish are present). Go as soon as the sun is completely down and it is totally dark. (Around this time of the year I would go out around 10'ish or later.) Take a flashlight and shine it into the creek, and WHAMO, you will see crayfish EVERYWHERE! Apparently they are nocturnal eaters, so, all of the crayfish you would have eventually have during the day under the rocks, are all out in the open! Be sure to keep the light right on them (They'll be somewhat stunned like a deer in headlights) and once, again, slip your hand in the water and pick em up. I have always caught more than needed with this method.

    Oh, and one last method: You can actually but a crawfish trap. I never have used one, never needed one.
  8. Best crawdad trap ever: after putting new line on your reels, save the old line. Once you get a big enough ball of it together, take a minnow or two and cut it up. Put the bait in the middle of the ball of line and put it in your creek. Check it every couple of hours.
  9. taking a minnow seine through a small creek and having someone flip over the rocks is almost unbeatable if u want tons of crayfish....the soft craw idea is likely the best option for bait tho
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    Dang man, you guys are too complicated for me :p . I would just go to Walmart, or your local fishing store and buy the black coated wire minnow traps for $7. I've caught hundreds and hundreds of them over the years like that. I agree w/ John, use dog food, but anything you have will work.
  11. Instead of your creek, go to the East Fork Spillway. Drop a line with a chunk of fish on it into the rocks...count to 3 and pull up a large craw. You can actually see their claws rise up out of the water at the sound of your footsteps down there. My kids caught and then let go about 150 of them in an hour or so (less the dozen I used for bait of course)...2 or 3 hanging off at once. They are hard craws though. I have waded that end of EFLM since before the dam was has always had more craws than any place I have EVER been...and that's a few places anyway..

  12. I agree, go to the spillway at east or night there are a ton there and pretty easy to catch! Thats where I get mine at.
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    thank you everbody for the advice