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  1. hey guys, just curious what your opinions on my latest fly are. This is basically a crawdad/woolly bugger hybrid. Obviously has the claws, eyes, tail and attenna of a crawdad, but using a chenile and hackle for the body, similar to a bugger. and of course, alot of lead in it to get it to the bottom.

    what do you guys think? Hopefully will be trying it this weekend on some LM and SM bass where I know we can slay them with jigs/worms.... would love to catch them on my fly rod!!! (or actually Bobby's fly rod) ha.

  2. Those look like they will do the trick, bass will love them. You should call them the tootsie roll. Nice job. Let us know how they work out.

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    Nice. Those should work. I'd say crawl them very slowly...almost till your paitience runs out..and tie some more if you fish them right you'll lose a bunch
  4. i need to try them to see if the weight is right. i want them to get down in a hurry, but not be so heavy they are rock catchers!

    thanks guys
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    I say it will work! Try back end of riffles that go into pools and along edges of pools. Try them also the last few hours til dark and use tippet size heavier than 3x. I use 1x most of the time since you can get back more of your flies and bass dont care how big your lines are anyways.