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  1. Fishpro

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    If you have a spot for crappies...get to it! We slayed them today, with the fish being in the 10-12" range. I was throwing a pink 1/16 oz. Roadrunner, and a 1/16oz. Chatterbait, and they were smacking it!;) I'd say it had to do with this weather system thats coming our way, but after it passes and things stabilize again, they should be back to feeding good.:) And before anyone asks, I was in a marina between Toledo and Cleveland.:D :cool:
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    I was gunna ask about where ;)
    I thought the marina we fish would be too muddy... Maybe we'll hit er up :)
    Thanks for the report!

  3. Fishpro

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    The place I was fishing wasn't bad. Maybe a foot of visability. The baits I used were either real bright, or had a lot of vibration, and that helped. My buddy started out with a small black jig and didn't touch a fish until he switched to something bright.;)