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  1. went to alum yesterday no crappies at all tried my honey spot and nothing was there.... i did catch catch one largemouth..
  2. SwollenGoat

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    My father-in-law was there yesterday also and struck out. Were you marking fish? If so, what depth(s) What baits and methods did you try?

  3. littleking

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    im sure they are there, just not shallow yet.
  4. ShakeDown

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    They were super shallow last week. Like 6in - 1 foot down.
  5. littleking

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    no kidding, thats odd for this early!
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    That is pretty common this time of the year. Whats odd is I havent been out to Alum yet!!!

    Deep shallow, deep shallow ? oh the options.

  7. I am heading to Alum tomorrow so I hope I can find them. Like Shake said some will be very shallow. I looked at my little book that I make comments in and I show that last year I was out on the water about the same time catching Crappie in shallow water. I will let you know how I did on Friday.
  8. ShakeDown

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    Hope ya knock em out Joe.

    Brian, call me sucka...we gotta hit it.
  9. I went last thursday to alum and me and a buddy got about 35 crappies only 13 were keepers.Got on jigs and minnios in about 6 to 12 foot of water off points and drop offs with slip boppers.They should move shallow this week with the water temp going up.I will be on the water first thing tomorrow.
  10. Me and a buddy went out to Alum Creek last evening just on the north side of cheshire road. Caught about a dozen crappie (nothing to brag about) with about a 3-4 foot lead and minnows. The crappie seemed to be fairly aggressive, hope it stays this way with a few warm days ahead of us and a full moon coming soon. Does anyone know how the boat docks are for catching crappie? any input is much appreciated, thanks