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  1. Just Got In From Mogadore..we Got Some Real Nice Croppies Tonight
  2. Thinking On Going To Milton Next Week To Do Some Fishing. I Have Not Been There Yet This Year. Were And How Did You Catch Them. Is The Water Up Or Down? Thanks ! Jig

  3. Cool. If anyone wants to go there next week when I'm off, let me know.
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    Big Daddie will you be fishing from the shore or in a boat. I live right by Milton but don't have no boat as my wife won't let me have one. Had a bad boating accident in Japan last year and wife has been reluctant on the boat issue. How much longer do you think before the fish go deep and stop biting?
  5. Stop biting? What do those words mean??? :eek: :D

    I would imagine, they're deep now. The crappies we've been catching at Portage Lakes are in 16-18 ft of water, but are suspended anywhere from 8ft down to the bottom.

    I've never crappie fished Milton, so I'm not sure where or when they usually make the move. If you can find a deep point or the river channel, look for deep structure in or near it. That would be the best bet.

    Good luck out there.
  6. We Caught Em After Dark About A Half Mile East Of 43...
  7. One Day Next Week Sounds Pretty Good. I Havent Had A Chance To Look At The Weather, And I Can Take A Day Off. I Have A Map Of That Lake And It Is Lit Up At Night. Being That The Water Is Up Must Mean Its Clear. Dont See Anyone Fishing At Night. :)
  8. Fish the east side of the 76 bridge. That is where the river channel runs.The bridge pilings provide good structure. Crappie and bait fish have been stacked in that area for two weeks. We have also been doing good at Berlin the past few weeks.Seems any deep wood on sharp drops is holding slabs.
  9. Thanks Rod; I Might Try To Troll Some Of Those Areas At Night! Chrome Hot-tot Seems To Be To Work Pretty Good On Some Of Those Bigger Fish. Just Takes The Right Liting. You Can Get Pretty Lucky Around Those Guys With Lights. Mahoning Bridge Looks Like A Got Spot. Bottled Down. Wed. Night Sounds Pretty Good. Going To Be Sunny A Few Days!