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  1. cant find them at all anywhere,no bites on anything. anybody else having troubles?
  2. I don't know where (what lake) you have been targeting so I can't help there but I will say that I have not found them to be "on fire" at any point yet. I have only been out 3 times and have caught some but not the 100 fish a day type of day. I was out Saturday and found some active fish mostly in 8-15' water. They were hanging in the weeds. We didn't pull any fish off of wood on Saturday but had gotten a few that way on earlier trips. I think the rough weather we had Saturday had them sitting a bit deeper. I take that back late in the afternoon we did pull one nice crappie right off the corner post of a dock. We spent the afternoon fishing a weedy bay in the 8-15' water. We had minnows and were tossing jigs as well. My 12 year old must have been doing something right because he outdid me by several and he was fishing only jig and twister tail (orange Road Runner jighead/shad color tail). I found it a bit unusual that even when we were able to find a few active fish with jigs we couldn't get them to touch the minnows.

    The lake temp was right around 60° so I think we are just about to one of those "on fire" days.

  3. thought it was me but i guess not.
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    hey bkr you have to be talking about apple valley??????was there 4-26/4-27 did real good on some pigs in the weed beds next day was rough a few here and there!!!as far as deadhead went to berlin on 5-5 caught over 100 kept 40 all on wood as close as you can get to it!!!
  5. caught about 50 in 45 minutes on Sunday evening right before dark. There was 3 of us. At Spencer Lake, we were all using a orange jig head with black bodies.
  6. Yes Apple Valley is where I was.;) The crappie quality the last couple of years has been improving quite nicely there. Most of the fish we have been catching have been averaging 10-12" with the occasional bigger one. Very few thus far have been under 10" for us. The biggest so far this year has only been about 13.5" but I talked to someone yesterday that caught one that sounded bigger from his description. He didn't have a ruler to check it so who knows. I have only been there 3 times so far though. I hope to get out there this weekend. I think they should be doing well.
  7. here in crooksville are we caught about 50 crappie in my area the other day on minnows. if you fish this area let me know I can give you direction.