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    i hit my crappie hole on the scioto on saturday. i didn't figure on doing to well after the front on firday but the wife was out of town and i didn't have much else to do so what the hell. so me and a buddy get loaded up and hit our spot. ten minutes with my line in the water and i hooked the biggest crappie i have ever seen in person, but i didn't get him in where we fish it's a concrete ledge about 7 feet above the water. i hooked him and as soon as i had his whole body out of the water the hook pulled out.:mad: he had to have been at least 17" or bigger a tru slab. i guesse thats why they are called paper mouths though. we did end up catching about 15 all over 12 inches tough. they biggest was 14 3/4". real nice my pb of the year. also caught 2 nice smallie that would have went between 2 1/2 and 3 lbs. i'm definetly going back this weekend. maybe i'll get lucky and that big boy will be there.:D