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    What is going on with the crappie this year? This time last year, crappie fishing was already in full swing for 2 weeks. They don't seem to be shallow yet at all. I have been hammering some producing coves and have been getting shut out. Must have their spawn on hold for now. All my hot Spring spots from the bank are still ice cold.
  2. Last night was the first time this year I have had any success. The water is still up and muddy, but the crappie were in about a foot water next to shore.
    I caught 5 crappie and 5 base on my crappie tubes last evening in about an hour just before sunset. Its just turning the corner. Good luck, and about time.

  3. Last year the water temp in the main lake at Alum hit 60 on April 28/29. Yesterday, May 5th, the water temp was 55-56 with about 6'' visibility at best.
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    i went to alum yesterday, fished main lake cove, west side. we caught about 20 crappie, 10 -11 inches in brush. water was about 3 feet, with 10 fow closeby. they started hammering around 6 pm and just got better til dark. made crappie cakes out of em and were delicious. fishing will only get good if we get some stable water levels. went to ohshaunnesey today and hammered them in mill creek.... one tip about alum is we were fishing in the thickest cover we could find. i hooked 3 nice channel cats but couldnt get them out of the brush....
  5. :mad: Today we fished over at Ceasers and didn't get anything. Oh excuse me, Harry1 caught 1 White Bass about 9" long. I didn't get a bite again. Turkeybasst caught 6 White Bass. Water was clear down to about 6'. Temp on water was 63.5 in most of the lake. Air temp was 82. Just a beautiful day on the water. Don't really care if I caught anything at all. The wind was very tough. The lake was 1' to 2' waves. Had to fish the coves and up by the dam area. Fish jumping all around again but not hitting.

    Oh Well, just another great day on the water with my boat and good friends.
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    hoover is the place for my success catching crappie. in boat, in brush, fishing 15 to 18" deep. they're not on fire, but they are hitting. caught a total of about 30 tonight. this has happened every time i've gone in the last 2 weeks. also using only bass minnows. several 13", alot of 12" but mostly 10 to 11". all north of last bridge. :) also catching nice c. kitties this way. biggest was over 9lbs. :eek:
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    hey dan.i like the line under your name :cool:
    i still had the picture of you taking your siesta before the big crash,till i had to reformat my puter and lost it :(
    that was a classic move for sure :D :D
    i just got done clening my catch from the past 2 days."field dressed the ones last night and filetedt hem out tonight.should finished the job last night and i wouldn't still be up after midnight :rolleyes:
    good to see you again,and i'll keep an eye out for you at hoover.