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Crappie , Sandusky Area

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JimG, May 18, 2004.

  1. Just returned from fishing early morning for crappies and thought I'd do a FYI for those interested.
    The cold snap last Friday has really effected the crappie bite around Sandusky for the most part.
    What started as a banner bite, just tapered off after the weekends cold and rain.
    Fished mornings (first light ) and evenings around sunset and can only pick up a few so far this week. Lots of bass fishermen in boats have been vertical jigging in the marinas with a good degree of success , but the wait sometimes between bites may be long. The crappies seem to be holding in somewhat deeper water for now around 6 to 8 feet.
    Since all crappies don't spawn at the same time, I don't believe the bite is over yet, but all depends on the weather.
    The water has cleared so fast this year that the crappies are better in low light conditions so far. With spinner jigs this year the size is better than I've seen in a while and the funny part is it's hard pressed to find minnow fishermen with good catches so far.
    It looks like there's about 14 days left yet for better conditions to improve the bite.
    I think of Tpet each morning as I fish by the size of some of the carp that cruise the shoreline. Some of those guys get into the size range take would make a mess of my light tackle for sure.
    I have picked up a few "Big Boys" crappie after dark throwing a small crankbait in about 4 foot of water, but nothing to fill a striner in numbers, but yet some big bruisers all the same.
    So if your headed to this area, bring jigs, spinners and small cranks with you.
    Weather will be the "key factor" for the next two weeks.
    Tight line to all,

    P.S. The Small Mouths are becoming active enough that your C&R a few every trip now.
  2. Thanks for the post Jim. I just started to target crappies this year and man are they hard to find. What are some decent areas around Sandusky to fish.

    I've tried a few creeks out rte 2 and west by Maumee river past Grand Rapids. I've only been out a few times but with no success at all. Everytime I have a chance to go the weather changes to cold.

    I did see a guy at Maumee bay state park with a few decent fish but I couldn't get one to bite. I don't think there in there real thick.

    When I went out past grand rapids it was cold, the game warden stopped by and told me a guy had taken about 15 from the same spot a few days earlier. Seems like I'm always a day late.

    Seems like guys in central ohio are slaying em good right now. I just don't want to drive 3hrs to catch fish.

  3. Go down to the section marked panfish and go to the post," Crappie in Sandusky."
    I listed two areas where you can try and how to get there.

  4. Good report Jim. Thanks.

    I've been having so much fun catching the slabs at West Branch, I've been hanging there. This weekend is busy too. Big Brothers/Sisters Kids fishing event with Summit Sportsmens Association on Saturday, Sunday is a SSA crappie outing at Silver Lake. One of our club members gets permission for us to fish it, as it's private. Loaded with fish too.

    Anyway, good to see your reports. Thanks.