Crappie Recipes

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  1. I have some crappie and not sure how i want to cook them. What's your favorite crappie recipe?
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    my favorite is soaked in milk,then coated with my homemade breading mix.
    50/50 mix of flour and seasoned bread crumbs with old bay,seasoned salt,salt and pepper to taste.pan fried in butter flavor crisco,or deep fried.
    don't get much better :)

  3. crush up Ritz crackers in a bag, dip filets in egg, drop in bag and shake till coated. Another good one is Dry mashed potato flakes , dip in egg and shake in bag and fry till brown. I also like to use white corn meal. Just pour some in a bag. add your favorite seasoning and then drop fish in shake and fry. If your camping I like this one. Take peice of tin foil, Lay filets on it season with salt and pepper. add a couple chunks of butter add some lemon juice, seal tin foil tightly and put on the fire or the grill, cook about 5-6 min. depending on how hot your fire is. Beer batter is another good one. Pour a can of beer into flour until you get the right thickness, add seasonings to it, dip fish in it and fry. I got alot more but this will get you started. You can experiment. Just remeber ther's no rules to cooking.
  4. beer batter beer batter beer batter... did I say beer batter?
    One cup pancake mix one cup beer deep fry till golden brown
  5. Poach'em!!

    In a baking dish put half water and half white wine to albout 1/2 inch deep sprinkle the fillets with MRS Dash lemon herb mix and put the whole thing in a 350 oven for about 12 minutes or just until they are nice and flakey.
  6. Hey Phil ever use one of those cast iron fish poachers/cookers?
    I'd rather not be the first :eek:
  7. She is the only one I know who owns her own salmon poacher! No sir, I use stainless steel in the form of a low roasting pan that makes a great poacher. Believe it or not I got this recipe from the Grand China Buffet on East State here in Athens. And by the way Clyde next time you make that beer batter use Big K lemon/Lime Sparkling water from Kronger's instead of beer and put 1/4 cup corn starch in that flour. Then when you dip go to dry, then wet, then dry, then wet again. Promise you will like it more better! :D
  8. I'll give it a shot Phil... SOON!!