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  1. does anyone know of any decent places that hold good crappie near bowling green?
  2. There are several marina's upstream from Grand Rapids that hold decent numbers. Also a little further up is Turkeyfoot Creek, which holds alot of big crappie.

  3. Not anymore.......................boy do I love the internet.
  4. :S I have fished Turkey foot 2 times this year and did not get any :mad: I talked to someone who use to get alot of crappie up there they said some Tim M. guy took them all out. That place is dead not worth the the gas to fish it anymore:(
  5. I fished Turkeyfoot last week and the only bites I got were from the mosquitos. The fishing has definitely went down hill there:(

  6. Hmmmmm, wonder why, used to be easy pickens.
  7. LMAO:p That guy is a fish slayer! Shorthair, you act like it was some big secret about it. Last year everybody jumped Ohiobucks ass about mentioning TF. All we do is like to catch fish and watch others do it. Maybe if everybody stays quiet and dies off over the next 10 years or so, it'll be good again.
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    Asking for a crappie spot on the internet is like asking someone where they hide thier money.;) :p
  9. I act like it is some big secret because it USED to be one. Im not trying to bust your ballz, and Im all for helping a fellow sportsman out, but they created PM's for a reason. So instead of having one guy down there you got every swingin dck with a snoopy pole down there pulling out undersized fish. I used to go down there and wouldnt see a soul the whole day, then sure nuff' you couldnt even get down the creek because of all the boats. It is fished out now.........get my drift? I lived in this part of Ohio my whole life and granted there isnt a lot of "Hot Spots" in the area, I hate to see the ones that are, advertised on the net. Same thing with hunting.......
  10. Hey Redhunter most of these guys must have never fished that creek about 10 years ago when you could fish from the bank. What a big secret it was then. You could not find a place to park up there on some days. There is alot less people that fish turkey foot now then what there use to be . Oh yeah as far as fished out I have got at lest 200 crappie over 11" out of there this year. But they are done till next year and I hope I can get 300 12"s next year.:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  11. No doubt there are still fish in there, and I never said I didnt like a good fish story.:B
  12. I just talked to a friend he looked at some pics of the crappie that I got out of turkey foot he said they are not crappie they are sheep head . I thought I was catching crappie. Oh well they were still good.Maybe there are not any crappie left in that creek **** even if there is I dont know what they look like.No hard feelings shorthaironpoint and good luck fishing!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yeah, that tim guy, what a jerk. LMAO. Nice post. Almost fell off my chair again.
  14. I remember fishing there as a kid more than 15 years ago and having to elbow in for a spot. Sorry about getting a little hasty on here, but everyone busted Tims ballz on here last year for mentioning TF. Nice catches OhioBuck. If I still lived over that way I'd made it up there. We did OK on the small ponds around here for the crappie. I mostly went after the big Gills this year. Although Basscatcher82 and I caught probably 20-25 crappie last night in a couple hours after work on a private pond. We only kept around 10 or so that were bigger than 8 inches. Nice post's:p

  15. I hear ya on that one! I know how that is, for sure .I like crappie to be around in size and numbers, its to bad a lot of people fish for food as well as a sport, and not understand that if your killin um and your taking them all home, you are killin um,Time for a limit on the crappie. how do you say it? (just my 2 cents worth.}:)
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    For the past 4 or 5 years at the Findlay res. #2 there have been Asian familys that take every crappie caught. They found a few hot spots and cleaned it out. They were there every day, I believe in shifts. Now no one is catching any. They would come right next to you if they saw you were catching fish. I've seen them throw back perch and blue gill.