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Crappie or Bluegill

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ohioman76, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. ohioman76

    ohioman76 Avid Crappie Hunter

    My japanese inlaws are here and I would like to take them to do some lake fishing for Crappies or Bluegills. I'm from Mahoning County and I'll be shore fishing. Anyone have some suggestions as to where the fish are? Also I was out at mosquito Tuesday night and saw some guys killing the Crappie from the causeway. I fished right next to them and didn't get a bite. The only reason I could think is that they were using pencil slip floats with no light. I was using slip floats with lights. Does anyone know the proper depth to put my minnow below the slip float. Also is it true the Crappie should be coming in for another round sometime this month. I was killing them in the spring now I only get a few here and there. All replies and advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. The causeway at Mosquito is a great place to get into the crappie. I usually fish 4to 7 ft down under the slip bobber, but the depth varies. Gotta find them. That's probably the best shore access around to get slabs I know of.

  3. 5 to seven feet the crappie will be hitting till ice