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  1. So my daughters are killing my bass fishing missions by insisting on me taking them out every day, so day 3 this week with Miss Payson, and she pulls out a monster 17 3/4 incher that was easily 2+ lbs. All by herself. My mind was blown, I think I was more excited than her. Biggest crappie I've seen caught. Maybe I should quit letting her use my lucky bobber and pin min. Made for a great trip. 20180509_201737.jpg 20180509_201737.jpg

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  2. That's awesome! Congrats to you both.

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    Wow. Someday she will realized what she caught that day and how rare that fish is.
    I've only seen one 17"er in my life and that was on the Ohio River. It was Big Daddy's crappie. Husky Hooker put him on it.
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  4. That's fantastic! Congrats to you both.
  5. Nice catch !!!
  6. Please tell me you weren't on long lake.
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    thats the longest crappie i ve ever seen. congrats to you guys
  8. Love taking kids out took son out walleye fishing his first time and just so happens we killed them got a fast limit was cleaning the fish and he goes so are we going tonight I was so excited that everything came together it was one of the best fishing times if had just watching him real in thoes walleye
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  9. Good stuff man!! She is adorable! My 9yrd niece also fishes in a dress. Cracks me up!
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    Nice fish. That fish will push almost 3 pounds.
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    Enjoy the ride