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  1. Okay so i have this problem i found a drop off that goes from 8 feet to 52 feet and there are clouds of fish at about 14 and a couple at 24 and some at 50 so i figured it was crappie at 14 bass at 24 and big cats at 50 but i want some of that crappie real bad lol. I cant use minnows there but what would be the next best thing? and what is the best way to jig for crappie?
  2. misfit

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    tube jigs and roadrunners tipped with crappie nibbles.casting or slow trolling the area should for depths,they could be at any depth.

  3. sounds good ill have to do that tomorrow
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    Misfit's right on - I never put much faith in attractor baits till my bait tank took a poop on me with my Shinners boiling in this heat -so I tipped the jigs with the chart. nibblers & old powerworm maggots used for ice fishing and all I can say is wow! it works and also helped my tubes glide a little slower & kept the bait in the strike zone longer. If you are fishing deep water like I was 30 -40 feet I went to 4 pound crystal fireline & road runners with turbo tails to help match the shad that are in this Lake. I also went to a little longer MH action rod. Just tweaking my rigs sure did the trick for me. We also used silver jigging spoons and cought the snot out of the Bass but after a few came up with gass bladders needing birped we cut that out quick.
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    also try yums 3'' wooly beaver tails w/1/8 oz jig head have to play with the colors alittle until you find what they like. i caught quite a few vertical jigging off of a lowhead dam yesterday. i had about 15-20 over 12''. fire tiger and pink and white were the best but caught a few on others. check them out they are great for jigging