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crappie Help??????

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by catfishcraig, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Ok im now crappie expert and for years now since i got into some crappie at the sandusky river i have been trying to hit the spawn and just havent. I got a couple spots on the Sandusky River that do produce. But the problem is this ive always used a bobber and small size 4 hooks or size 6 hooks and live minnows. The spot i goto last year i caught one after another but the thing is they were dinks i mean dinks like the 3 inches maybe some were like 4 inches. There was no size to them at all but two years ago before last year people fished this spot like crazy and that is how i found out about it through a friend. There were huge crappie being caught then some work got done there and now they seem to be dinks. Im hoping this year is different.
    Also there is a creek that i goto in the summertime i catch crappie there maybe 1-10 in a whole day im talking early morning to night time. But they are pretty good sized and people are impressed i catch that many in the summer as they say there alot harder to catch in numbers. I used the same method bobber, small hooks and minnows.

    My question is this during the spawn do the crappie run up into the river and spawn and also the creeks where i catch them in the summertime???? Or are they more in the lakes spawning and dock areas and stuff. I made it a goal this year to go out and catch nice size crappie and bluegill no matter what the cost and time. Im willing to learn and try new things. I would rather catch a tropy of one of these hard to catch fish than any other at this time.

    What kind of lures or jigheads should i use can anybody point me to a site that shows the crappie set up for using the lures and how they set up the line???

    Any info would be great.

    Ive also heard East Harbor produces crappie to off the docks but im not sure where the docks are.

  2. Mr. Catfish

    Mr. Catfish A catfish in human form

    Well I'm no expert but I fish the Maumee and Auglaize rivers for crappie and cats .The crappie in the spring usually move into the creeks and back waters.Fish any cover in these areas.Also they will be below the dams.Just fish the slack water areas below the dams,behind large rocks,concrete walls,or anything else that will slow the current.In these rivers minnows under bobbers always prouce more and bigger cprappie for me. I also fish the upground resevoirs around here.In these resevoirs I fish any shoreline cover I can find,fish attractors,christmas trees,fallen trees.In these waters the crappie choose what I use for bait.I will use anything from 1/32 oz jig and tube below a bobber or just try swimming it.Or a small beetle spin or small crank baits.And if these don't produce the way I want I go to my trusty minnows under a bobber.In the summer look for deeper cover in both body of waters and you should find fish .I hope this helps you. Like I said before I'm no expert but this is what works for me.Good Luck! :)

  3. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Your question(s) have a whole bunch of variables to consider... as far as the fish, just a matter of finding them and they are there at this time... yes in and around lake marinas, but also good numbers in the sandusky and portage rivers to name a few. Crappie fisherman tend to be tight lipped- and rightly so... just as you describe if people find a good spawn area or staging area- great fishing until everyone knows about it... then less good fish to catch and a ton more dinks to sort out. I would cover more water and look for new spots...

    As far as technique, your doing what I do most the time, simple minnow/bobber combo. I do throw small jig/twister combos as well as beetle spin. I use 4 to 6 pound test and it's alot of fun on light tackle.

    If you arent dead set on finding them in the Sandusky, consider the lake marinas, area reservoirs, other rivers, etc etc... Some big fish are being caught. On my site I have a 13" from a couple weekends back... I'll attach a picture of a double from saturday....

    Good Luck!
  4. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    ok i found this picture, i thought i may have deleted it after i got the one that was slightly larger... LOL Portage River Crappie... a week or so back...


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Nice show coolwater!!!
  6. wow..those would fill up the pan nicely as well as my tummy...any jig and minny combo.. jus use a lite rig and rod 2 lb test line also.. fish anywhere there is structure i found some big crappie in the oddest places..they are every where., good luck
  7. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    I have found that a Yo-zuri Aile Goby crankbait is the best at finding bigger crappies. I have a spot in SW ohio, that I only catch small(4-6") crappies at while using jigs or bobber and minnow, but I throw that tiny yo-zuri crankbait and the bigger crappies start to show up. I real it really slow and jump from cover to cover until I find some bigger crappies and then I slow down and use a jig or minnow in that cover. I have found that crappies of the same size hang out together. If you are only getting smaller ones move on, and the crankbait is a GREAT way to find bigger fish and from there sit on them and catch more. It is my favorite crappie bait to use.
  8. Update. Went to my spot today on the river. Started out catching nothing then got my first bite bobber went under and boom pulled up a smallmouth bass on a minnow and bobber. Was casting out alittle ways trying to catch crappie but no luck. I ended up catching 3-5 little smallmouths no size at all to them. Then i move my bobber and minnow closer to shore and within a minute had a keeper crappie on. Casted back out the the same spot boom another keeper. Then i caught maybe 4-5 more crappie in this same spot same area i casted to and they were small non keepers threw them back. But i did manage to get one more keeper in this spot. Id say they were 7-9 inches.
    But besides catching the crappie id say today was fun overall cause i tried new things that ive never done. I took a plain jighead and put a minnow on it and read this in the crappie magazines ive gotten. i casted out and reeled in slow on the very first cast i reeled in slow all the way to shore and then i like slowly brought the jighead out fo the water and boom i see a big fish lurking after it but i got it out of the water before it could take it. So i recast and recast and recast for about 5 minutes and then as im reeling in boom i get that fish that i think was chasing it. It put up a pretty good fight it was a 1-2 pound largemouth bass. It was exciting for me for the simple fact i never fish with lures during the year or anything. Ive always used live bait. The only time i use a lure is when the walleye spawn in the sanduksy river and the white bass run. Otherwise never. But i think im gonna try to go out this year more and try to catch me a real nice largemouth bass. Id like to catch a big one after catching that one and realizing how much fun it was i think it would be nice to catch a big one.

    If the weather is nice tommorow which i hear it isnt suppose to be i think im gonna head out again and try my luck in the same spot. I know they got to be bigger in there and maybe its just the way im offering my bait or jighead that isnt gettin to them.

    thanks for all the help
  9. Man, if they're hitting a jig head/minnow combo, they'll love small tubes (1/32oz) or little 1 1/2" twister tails. I'd try a chartruse w/flake or a clear w/silver flake in it. Fish them slow too, and look for the hit when the jig is sinking down. Gotta watch that line buddy.

    Big Daddy
  10. hmmmm beings im new to jigs and using tubes. i think my best bet would be to goto like walmart maybe and buy a crappie tube set with all the sizes of the jigheads and then all them different color tubes. i could then try different combinations. the thing is this it wasnt the crappie hitting on the jighead and minnow lol it was the smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. im mostly there to get crappie but beings i got a nice largemouth bass in my opinion in others it is a dink :) but i was happy with it. does anybody have any websites that will show me exactly what you mean on the colors of jigs. my baitstore here is not very helpful when it comes to asking him what your looking for he dont seem to care. also are the jigs 1/32 oz are them kind of big and heavier to cast??? i bought a few today and it seemed as if they were somewhat heavy and the other ones i had were real small and i couldnt cast them that far.

    one other question if anybody can answer this has the spawn really got underway yet for the crappie??? i mean is it just starting or already in full swing? and how long does it normally last im hoping another 2-3 weeks if im lucky. the weather dont seem to be the best right now there calling for alot of rain this week.

    thanks for the info

  11. Look for the sites in your crappie magazines. Most of the advertisers have them, or do a web search. I steered away from the kits and just spent the 97cents on a pack of tubes. The three basic colors are white, chartruse, and clear/silver flake. I have also done well on blue/white, purple/white, chartruse/redhead, chartruse/blue flake. LOTS of color combos out there and they seem to vary from lake to lake. I know at West Branch, the crappie dearly love hair jigs. Chartruse works early, pre-spawn, then it shifts to white, then to yellow, then to anything you put in front of them. Mogadore, it's twister tails. Portage Lakes, it's tube jigs, blue and white or chartruse and red or red and white. Just depends on the water you're fishing. And teh best way to learn a body of water is to get out and fish it. Apply what you read here, coupled with those articles in the crappie mags, and try stuff out. You'll see what works. Remember what does, then you can focus in on patterns. If something doesn't work, don't be afraid to ask why not. That's what this place is all about. And that's how you learn a body of water and become a better fisherman, whether it's crappie, cats, bass, walleye, or whatever.

    Keep us informed on your progress. Oh yeah, I use 1/32oz tube jigs, sometimes 1/16oz. The 1/32 are tougher to cast, but you can fish them under a bobber, you just have to find what depth the fish are hitting in. Also, I'd use light line, oh 4 lb test or so. Be sure to set that drag too!

    Good luck bud.

  12. cant imagine how huge those hands are......heh heh ....poor little fish